Best Ultra Quiet Range Hood for your Kitchen

Best Ultra Quiet Range Hood for your Kitchen

Hello there! If you’re on this page looking for an ultra-quiet range hood then we’re pretty sure you’ve had some experience owning hoods that sounded like you started a lawnmower in your kitchen every time you fired up your range!

If you’re a cooking enthusiast, you would know just how important it is to cook in a quiet environment. Not only does it keep your mind clear but it is essential that you hear the pops and crackles of what is frying on your pan to tell if it’s ready to serve or just about to burn. Also, who wouldn’t love to cook to their favorite music without having an annoying “Burrr” in the background?

While installation matters to how noisy a hood gets, eventually dust and grime collection change their acoustics. So what you really need for some noiseless cooking time is quiet range hoods engineered specifically for noiseless operation.

Factors to keep in mind while choosing an ultra-quiet range hood

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before you go ahead with the model and it depends on the design of your kitchen, the type of cooktop, how much suction you would need to keep the whole space clean, noise levels, additional features, and the cost.

  1. Noise Level

Since we are talking particularly about ultra-quiet range hoods you need to know how loudness is quantified. The unit of measurement is called Decibels or “dB” for short. It is a logarithmic scale therefore even a slight increase in decibels makes a huge difference in sound energy and perceived loudness.

For example, a normal conversation is about 60 dB and the ambient noise in a library is about 40 dB. 70 dB is about how loud a vacuum cleaner is at 10 feet and your food blender measures about 88 dB. Quiet models of range hoods should have loudness less than 65 decibels, the lower it is, the better. 

  1. Size

As a rule of thumb, it’s ideal to keep the size of the hood 3 to 4 inches bigger than the size of your cooktop of not matching it 100%. For example, if your cooktop is 32 inches, it’s best to buy a 36-inch range hood than a 30 inch one.

  1. Power (CFM)

CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute and gives a measure of how much volume of air the range hood can suck up in under a minute. The more the CFM number, the quicker the hood can evacuate all the smoke and steam. The height also matters to how quickly it can do it.

The different speed setting varies the CFM and also the loudness of your range hood. The loudness specification is generally for the highest speed setting, therefore if you are running it at a slower speed, your range hood will be quieter.

  1. Extras
  • Lights: You will need bright lights preferably with dimming switches.
  • Clock: Clocks and timers can be used to set on/off times. So this is useful.
  • Sensors: Sensors activate the hood if the temperatures go over 200 degrees. These are features mostly found in the high-end models.
  1. Cost

The installation cost for the different types can vary significantly. Since different hood types use different ductwork, the cost can be more or less depending on how much you will need to modify your kitchen for the installation.

Given below is a list of our top pick of quietest range hoods that are suitable for a range of kitchen layout and décor. Our curated list is just what you need to know before you can make up your mind on what’s best for your kitchen.

Best Ultra Quiet Range Hood 2020

1. Miseno MH80120AS 3-Speed Ultra Quiet Range Hood 

This range hood insert by Miseno is just what you need in the price range, especially if you are a DIY enthusiast looking for an easy-to-install model for your kitchen. Like many who are either refurbishing their kitchen or building their own frames that blend in with the décor, if you have a frame then this range hood insert does a powerful suction job while keeping noise and vibrations low.

Off-the-shelf models of ultra-quiet range hoods are designed to damp the vibrations of their moving parts, the Miseno MH80120AS, on the other hand, fits well into any existing frames for noiseless operation without vibration ensuring all smiles throughout your cooking.

It comes with a vertical 6-in duct cut-out allowing you to fit it with circular ducting or couple it with any other tube geometry. The duct protrudes a little over an inch outward which is just enough to fit an adapter while still maintaining a low profile allowing the hood insert to fit into any frame that you wish to add to your kitchen.

While vibration-less function is one way it keeps the noise low, if you need it to be quieter, you can choose from any of the three-speed settings depending on what’s cooking on your range.


  • Ultra-quiet operation with variable speed
  • Easy to install
  • Powerful fan with up to 390 CFM


  • The lights may not be adequate for all cooktops

To conclude, this insert is exactly what we would recommend to anyone going for customization of their range hoods.

  1. AKDY 30-Inch Quietest Range Hood

It has its all-professional quality build, powerful suction, sophisticated touch control, and good looks. We recommend this one if a powerful wall mounted range hood is just what you are looking for. Its premium finish blends in with kitchen décor of all kinds while being super-easy to operate and maintain.

This quietest wall mount range hood operates below 65 decibels which are about as loud as a normal conversation while still offering great suction capabilities at its 343 CFM flow rate. So the next time you’re cooking dinner for your date, you won’t have to worry about your conversation getting drowned out by the hood’s white noise!

Since most kitchens have a cooktop by the side of the wall, this hood can be fitted with minimal alterations to the building. Whether the breach for the chimney goes through the roof or through the structural wall, the chimney can be adapted for both.


  • Professional range hood at a great price
  • Geometric aluminum construction
  • Touch controls
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • A bit tricky to install for the inexperienced

It’s a classic wall mount range hood that works quiet and offers a classic design that compliments all kitchen décor.

  1. Golden Vantage 30-Inch Island Mount Range Hood

Made by Golden Vantage, this ultra-quiet range hood model is similar to the previous one, except it’s a ceiling mount hood for kitchens with an island cooktop. The design is classic and blends in beautifully with all kitchen décor and completes the look of your island cooktop. The noise level is below 65db while still operating at 350 CFM to keep the kitchen smelling fresh.

Its classic design as an island range hood makes a statement in your kitchen; that you’re a pro! While its CFM is decent, it creates a good suction draft with its wide chimney and blows all the gasses, condensates and heat out of the kitchen from all directions.

If you already have ducts built into your ceiling, then the chimney fits right in and directs hot gasses out. On an average day, you can quickly turn it on with its simple touch controls and set it to turn off automatically with an inbuilt timer.


  • Modern design with a sophisticated touch screen
  • LED lights for a brightly lit range
  • Easy to clean mesh filters


  • Needs a professional contractor to install it

It’s a good range hood for those looking for a minimalistic design with great features.

  1. Cosmo 668ICS900 36 Inch Kitchen Ceiling Island Mount Range Hood

How about we kick it up a few notches and switch the classic for a futuristic design? The Cosmo 668ICS900 does just that and more with its whopping 900 CFM flow rate and 36 inches of total area, your cooking experience will never be the same!

Its modern European design complements every kitchen décor with its curved glass visor, ice-cool display and slick LED lights.

Whether you’re whipping up an omelet or messy grilled steak, cooking with this hood is an absolute delight. You won’t have to worry about your kitchen smelling greasy as the hood ensures all the vapor and fine oil particles are sucked up. And the best part is all the compliments you get from your friends!


  • Powerful and quiet operation
  • Can use both ducted and ductless systems
  • Bright lighting with touch screen


  • It is difficult to install without professional help

To sum it up, it’s one of the best choices you can make on a premium ultra-quiet range hood for your classy contemporary kitchen.

  1. BV 30-Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood

So you don’t want to waste any space installing a wall-mount range hood, that’s fine, there’s always a way around! This BV range hood is designed to fit under kitchen cabinets and still give great ventilation no matter how messy your cooking gets.

With a powerful 860 CFM flow rate, this ultra-quiet range hood sucks up steam and oily vapors and traps them in steel filters that can be easily washed and maintained. You also get plenty of light on the range with 2 LED lights.

While it is an under cabinet range hood, this is a model you should pick if you like the feel of having a range hood over your cooktop as it makes no effort to blend in with the cabinets. Maybe you would love to have a wall-mounted range hood but you also want the cabinets. This model meets you halfway.


  • Modern design with robust construction
  • Energy Saving LED lights
  • East to clean and maintain


  • Potential issues with the LED lights

We put it on the list because it is bold and stands out which is just how a lot of folks love it!

  1. Hauslane – Chef Series 30″ PS18 Quiet Under Cabinet Range Hood

The Hauslane PS18 30 inch hood is just the right equipment that offers the versatility of ultra-quiet under cabinet range hood while giving the performance of a professional hood. The design is also smooth with industrial styling and touch screen operation.

The hood is ideal especially if you are remodeling your kitchen or replacing an older model with a quieter, powerful one. With the PS18 you don’t need a spacious kitchen with a ceiling range hood to fulfill your fantasies of being a master chef.

No matter how much steam, oil or to heat your range can throw at it, it sucks it all up like a champ to keep the air in your kitchen fresh at all times.

You will also like the venting options it has that goes well with any duct layout you may have built into your kitchen. There is a good outflow of gasses and no blowbacks.


  • Modern design with touch functions
  • Powerful 860 CFM flow with quiet operation
  • Ease of customization with three-way venting
  • Smart features


  • Tricky installation

To conclude, we love this cabinet range hood cause it’s so versatile and does its job well while being easy to maintain.

  1. Broan-NuTone F403604 Two-Speed Four-Way Convertible Range Hood

When it comes to being feature-rich at an unbeatable price, very few range hoods come close to matching this one by Broan-NuTone. It features a simple, minimalistic design with two operating flow rates of 160 CFM and 190 CFM for its ultra-quiet range hood operation.

What is more useful is that it is four-way convertible and can virtually work for any application. The duct can be connected vertically or horizontally or even hook it up to a non-ducted filter for recirculation.

If you’ve you have just moved into a house temporarily and don’t wish to spend too much on the kitchen then fret not, this range hood has you covered! It is simple to mount and goes with any cabinet that may be over the range. With duct cut-outs on both vertical and horizontal sides, you will have greater freedom to choose a duct layout of your choice that requires the least amount of modification to the cabinets.

Mounting it is quite straight forward and requires only a few tools and can be done by anyone. It works without vibration and almost noiseless even at full speed.


  • Simple design at a highly affordable cost
  • Works both as a ducted and non-ducted range hood
  • Simple switch operation for fan and lights


  • Bulb not included

Our verdict is that it’s highly affordable and a great temporary/permanent solution for compact kitchens. It’s super-easy to assemble requiring minimal tool and skills and a feeling of pride at the end of a job well done.

  1. IKTCH 36 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood

If you don’t mind shelling out some extra bucks for a state-of-the-art and quietest under cabinet range hood, then look no further than this one by IKTCH. While it has the usual-powerful suction, great surface area, quiet operation, and elegant looks, it also comes with slick features such as gesture sensing and touch control.

This premium range of hood is all you need to complete your kitchen without disturbing its contemporary décor.

We understand that not all kitchen designs need to have a dedicated space to run a chimney from an obviously visible range hood.

You may like to keep it a bit more discreet and yet want a powerful suction performance to handle the heat and vapor from your large cooktop. This 36 inch under cabinet range hood is the perfect solution that blends with the cabinets and gives a powerful evacuation of 900 CFM.


  • Futuristic design with gesture control
  • Powerful 4-speed motors give high-speed suction
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Top and rear vent locations


  • Installation instructions can be improved

We recommend this for premium kitchen décor with a discreet extractor.

Now that you know what to expect from all the different models, which one do you think fits your kitchen?! We’re glad to be of help to make up your mind!

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