Silent Gaming Keyboard of 2020 Reviews

Best Silent Gaming Keyboard: Buyers Guide 2020

If you have ever visited a gaming area with dozens of individuals engaged on their computer, the most distinct noise in the ambient sound of the floor is the incessant clicking of keyboard keys. While this was normal a decade ago, people now want a silent gaming keyboard that executes their commands in the game without the cacophony that comes with computers.

If you think you don’t nee it, wait until you live with a roommate who’s an avid gamer smashing the keys in the middle of the night to know how just how valuable silent gaming keyboards can be!

While gaming and typing are best served by different key designs, there are a number of manufacturers who are rolling out quiet keyboard versions that are eliminating excess noise while still maintaining the satisfaction of a registered key for the writer and the tactile response sought after by the gamer.

There are three different key types covered in this article that contribute significantly to noise.

  1. Membrane keys: Keys in a membrane keyboard are not individual moving elements; rather they are part of a continuous membrane that covers underlying electrical switches. Every time you press a button the membrane comes in contact with the board and completes the circuit to generate a signal. Membranes can use “Rubber Dome” switches that give the resistance and spring action for the keys. Most keyboards are of the membrane type with a rubber dome and their tactile feedback is inferior to other types of keys.
  2. Scissor Switch: These are rubber domes with a scissor-like mechanism that brings the key back to its normal position. They are highly popular with laptop keyboards and offer a soft touch with low noise and fast response times.
  3. Cherry MX Switches: These are highly specialized mechanical key switches that have an excellent tactile feel and are highly preferred for gaming and soft keyboard usage.

If you’re unsure about what it is that you want, this review will show you quiet and silent keyboard models that can be used both for gaming and office work.

Best Silent Gaming keyboard to choose from in 2020

1. Logitech MK345 Wireless Silent Keyboard

This one by Logitech is a delight for fans of old-fashioned keyboards, layouts, and feel, and it is totally wireless! The silent keyboard is efficiently designed with well-spaced keys and layout without anything over the top. It looks and feels like a normal keyboard and not like a congested laptop type keyboard design with closely spaced keys.

The mouse has a good feel to it, although not ambidextrous it has a nice ridge on the outside that feels good as a thumb rest. The clicks are soft and the mouse wheel has generous size making scrolling easier. There’s a tiny USB receiver that comes with it which can be lost easily if not careful. It is, however, the kind that you install once and it stays there without being obtrusive.

The keys aren’t too soft and will remind you of old-fashioned keyboard models, they are however quiet and don’t produce any clicks when pressed at a normal rate. A handrest at the bottom ensures a good grip so you can type with it for a long time without much strain. The model is excellent for typing and general computer use and some non-intensive gaming. What will surprise you is the battery life on both the keyboard and the mouse!


  • Simple classic design for general purpose
  • Quiet keys that are firm and responsive
  • Extended battery life
  • Works with all computers


  • The mouse is only for right-handed users

2. HyperX Alloy Core RGB – Silent Keyboard for Gaming 

While the general consensus when it comes to Silent gaming keyboards is that the mechanical types are the best, the membrane types are catching up to offer great performance at highly affordable prices. The HyperX Alloy Core RGB straight out of the box will make a good impression on you with its looks and feels.

The keys are solid while soft enough to give a good movement and you won’t have to worry about your fingers slipping away during rigorous gaming sessions thanks to the gripping friction on them. The hands rest on them comfortably with the little ridges keep them firmly in place and are good for long hours without sliding.

The keys are soft cushioned and have a real spongy response that is barely audible at the end of your room while still being responsive enough for both gaming and typing. So while it is still quiet and responsive, you won’t miss the whole sound of a proper gaming keyboard. Its colors are rich and look really cool, especially when the lights are turned down.

During the day it gives a nice sophisticated feel while its best is only felt in the night when you are working on an assignment or playing fast-paced games requiring specialized keys.

The Alloy Core is also water-resistant, so you won’t need to worry about the accidental soft drink spill on any day. All you need to do, it turns it over and let it drain!


  • Quiet membrane keyboard
  • Spill-resistant up to 120 ml
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Light and portable


  • Finding your way around the lighting controls is a bit cumbersome

3.KLIM Chroma Quiet Gaming Keyboard Wired USB 

When it comes to high-performance silent keyboards that are in the budget range, the KLIM Chroma definitely is a top contender. As a gaming keyboard primarily it is surprisingly quiet for a membrane model with soft-touch keys that aren’t too disturbingly audible.

It’s made out of ABS plastic which is touch quality material that can withstand years of abuse, so even in the event that you lose a game and drop a hulk smash on it, it can take it like a champ!

The featherlight keys can last for more than 10,000,000 keystrokes and you still won’t have to worry about losing the paint on the keys or one of them popping out.

The Built-in RGB lighting is attractive and gives a good feeling whether you’re gaming or on a serious writing job. It’s especially useful in the night and the lights can be turned on or off with just a simple button in the back.

The keys are also highly responsive, with a reaction time of 2 milliseconds; you get impressive performance in fast-moving games. All of this in a package that is also water-resistant; therefore occasional water or food spill is no cause for concern.


  • Quiet keyboard suitable for both gaming and general use
  • High durability made out of ABS plastic and 10,000,000 clicks
  • RGB light feature that can easily be turned on and off


  • The positioning of the Enter key can confuse typists initially

4. Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard Stainless Steel Ultra Slim 

This one is another quiet keyboard design that is ultra-slim with a roomy layout and slick design. Despite its name the whole keyboard isn’t stainless-steel, only the bottom half is, the top is all plastic. However, it is totally durable so you can easily toss it in your bag and take it out with you without having to worry too much about damage.

The keys are soft to touch and have a short travel distance which makes them quiet even with a fair risk amount of typing. While it is wireless, the layout is roomy and you won’t feel like your fingers are cramped up everything you are typing. So whether you’re a professional or a student typing out assignments, the feel is pretty much the same as your desktop keyboard, only a lot softer and totally quiet.

The other thing you’d love about it is how low profile the keyboard is. While its smooth stainless steel finish has a nice tactile appeal to it, it is also lightweight and slim and a pair of legs sticking out from underneath for more comfort on the table. You can also comfortably place it on your lap or bag while using your laptop.


  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • Ultra-quiet keys that are soft
  • Stainless steel finish that is tough and durable
  • Connects easily
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery


  • Has a compatibility issue with macOS

5. Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Best Silent Ergomanic Keyboard

What if you could get the spacious layout of a normal keyboard but the springy-soft response of a laptop key? That’s exactly what this Jelly Comb model does! The first thing that catches your eye with this design is the placement of the keys. Their amazing concave tactile feel is the second thing you would love about it. To sum it up, it’s a whole new experience for your fingertips.

What makes this keyboard silent and soft is the scissor-switch mechanism that returns the key to its original position. So while it feels springy the keys don’t fire back like in the regular models but come to a smooth stop. This enables you to use it everywhere from offices, houses, and schools to moderate gaming. For long users, the keyboard offers an ergonomic tilt with the perfect angle of tilt for typing.

The mouse design complements the keyboard and is just as silent with its noiseless clicks. Both work with AAA batteries which last for months as the keyboard has a sleep feature that conserves power when it’s not in use for a long time.

It takes a while to get accustomed to the noiseless clicks of both the keyboard and the mouse, but once in it, you will look back wondering how you every used noisy keyboards!


  • Silent keyboard and mouse design with soft clicks
  • Spacious keyboard with unique concave keys
  • Slim and portable with ergonomic tilt


  • The sleep feature is known to be glitchy in a few models.

6. Kensington Slim Type Wired Quiet Keyboard

The Kensington K72357 made it to our review because it is a straightforward design that perfectly blends the old-school keyboard layout with the modern trim. The most striking feature of this keyboard is how slim it is at just .75 inches which makes you forget the simplicity of its design.

The keys are also something you would come to love as they feature the scissor-style mechanism which keeps them quick and responsive but low on noise as they don’t shoot back out. This quiet keyboard is great for both gaming and office use, but you may prefer it for the regular office use for its simple design.

The keys are well spaced out and you have specific functional keys to control things like media and even access the emails. For long hours of typing, you can raise it up 30 degrees to make it easier with the spring-loaded legs underneath. It connects with a USB cable and is compatible with all operating systems that have been in use in the last decade. What we come to love about this keyboard is its simplicity and affordability.


  • Quiet keyboard with scissor key mechanism
  • Very slim and is suited for both office and home use
  • Plug and play
  • Ergonomic 30-degree tilt


  • Dust can affect the functionality of the keys

7. Vssoplor 2.4GHz Rechargeable Compact Quiet Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The Vssoplor combines the great looks and feels of a laptop with the spaciousness of a desktop keyboard to give a professional looking set that compliments the rest of the hardware in the office. At 5.5mm the design is ultra-slim with a futuristic feel along with its low profile keys.

The keys are also of the scissor-type which rebounds quickly but without producing a sound and the feedback is soothing, to say the least on your fingertips! The mouse also shares a low profile with clicks that are so whisper-quiet; it won’t even wake your infant if you are at home working.

This quiet office keyboard is compatible with most operating systems going all the way back to Windows XP! So not only is it a pleasure to use but also a versatile piece of hardware that is perfect for office use. It also has an ergonomic raise feature to minimize strain on the wrist so you can type for long hours comfortably. The mouse has an adjustable DPI and you can set the cursor sensitivity to set it for the different applications you might be using it for. They are both rechargeable and feature a sleep mode to conserve power.


  • Extremely quiet scissor-switch keys
  • Ultra-slim ergonomic design
  • Adjustable DPI in the mouse


  • Sleep mode sometimes freezes up or delays the keyboard inputs

8. Corsair K55 RGB Quiet Gaming Keyboard 

The K55 RGB is a keyboard worth settling for at a budget range for a gaming model that does its function well and does it quietly. Although this is a membrane keyboard it shares many of its great features with its stablemates that are way more expensive.

Starting with the keys themselves, this quiet gaming keyboard uses dome-shaped caps, unlike mechanical switches which makes it really quiet but not too soft and spongy. So there’s still a decent amount of resistance left for your gaming applications.

The RGB lighting zones are under the keys offering an amazing glow that really fills up the keyboard as it makes its way through the membrane. The total feeling when gaming with it or regular work is just wonderful with the lights in the dark. The colors can be changed using the function key to be however you’d like it.

You’ll also find the dedicated media keys in the top quite useful but they’re hard to spot in the dark.

There’s a rubberized detachable wrist rest that gives great support especially when you’re sitting in an odd position playing. It can be removed when you’re set up on a flat surface.


  • Highly affordable gaming keyboard
  • Soft-touch membrane keys make almost no noise
  • Wrist rest for fatigue-free gaming
  • Dynamic RGB lighting with over 10 colour presets


  • RGB lighting modes cannot be customized

9. Kinesis Advantage2 LF Ergonomic Quiet Gaming Keyboard KB600LFQ

When it comes to the ultimate keyboard experience, the ergonomic models belong to a whole other class! The Kinesis Advantage 2 has undergone plenty of research and development to incorporate design features such as key spacing, keyboard angles, width and key force to make a model that blends perfectly with your posture to have the least impact possible.

The mechanical key switches are Cherry MX Quiet Red premium range switches that have a linear feel and sound-dampening components that make them silent. Perfect for use in open office layouts these keys have a lot of activation force and surprisingly pleasant to work with.

Its ergonomic features include key positions that are distributed at an arm’s length so your wrists are positioned optimally to minimize strain. What this means is you can sit for long hours and work comfortably without hurting your arms and shoulders which to most people can save a lot of pain and money in the long run.

Although it looks big and spaced-out, the keyboard actually takes up lesser space than the conventional models. Besides its ergonomic design, it is also a sheer pleasure to use and has a great response time.


  • Highly quiet keyboard suited for offices
  • Ergonomic shape increases comfort and avoids joint problems
  • Programmable keys


  • The keyboard may not be suitable for those who have existing joint conditions

10. Redragon K509 PC Silent Gaming Keyboard 

The Redragon K509 is another silent gaming keyboard popular in the community for its great features at a low budget. Apart from the gamers, the keyboard is also preferred by many who use it for regular office and home thanks to its versatility.

A cool feature of this keyboard is that it is a composite of ABS plastic and aircraft-grade aluminum with molded keycaps. So what you have in your hands is not only light but super strong ability to withstand some rigorous gaming or over a decade of soft use. It’s also waterproof, so you can relax a bit around it without having to worry about the occasional spills.

The keys have a dome-type switch and are backlit with seven different colors with adjustable illumination. There’s an over-all backlight that surrounds the edge that syncs with the key colors, so that’s something which looks really cool in the dark. It’s highly durable for office use with the anti-ghosting feature being an extra boost. You will mostly need it when playing intense fast-paced games however and is something you will highly appreciate.


  • Quiet keyboard at a low budget
  • Highly responsive with a great tactile feel
  • RGB LED backlight that is controllable
  • Waterproof tough design


  • Users report that the keys sometimes miss registering an input


Our list of silent gaming keyboards includes everything from the lower end to the highest to give you a comprehensive understanding of what is available out there. Whether you were looking for an exclusive gaming keyboard or one for office or one that suits both, it’s all in here. Read the review again if you are still in doubt and pick the one that fits the entire criterion you were looking for and if you’re still in doubt, pick among them the one you most like!

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