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Quietest Hard Drive: Top 7 Quiet Hard Drive Options in 2020

A quiet hard drive makes your time easy in the office if you are spending hours in front and hears noises or whirring from PC. Nobody likes a noisy machine and during office hours, efficiency is greatly reduced if one is getting disturbed by unwanted noises.

The quietest hard drive eliminates distractions and lets you do what you do best – focusing on your work. There’s also multitasking and dealing with large volumes of data, so you want to make sure your hard drive is not prone to crashes or failures at the same time operating without making much noise.

Why Do You Need the Quietest Hard Drive?

Quietest hard drives are energy-efficient, and they don’t emit a lot of heat like your regular hard drives. If you compare them to SSDs, the prices are lower too. As a rule of thumb, the faster a drive spin, the lesser it lasts.

The reason you need a quiet hard drive is that it lasts longer. When you’re working from the office, you are looking for performance and durability, these hard drives deliver on that end by operating at a low vibration and minimal noise.

Which is the Quietest Hard Drive available in the market?

Seagate BarraCuda 500GB Internal Hard Drive

The quietest Hard Drive is Seagate BarraCuda which takes your silent computing performance up a few notches. It’s designed for hardcore gaming and gives you frame rates so smooth that you wish you’d bought it sooner. The MTC (Multi-Tier Caching) technology boots applications in mere seconds and before you know it, you’re transferring files without batting an eye without any vibration and making no noise.

We love Seagate’s BarraCudalineup since their technology’s been used for over 20 years and besides boasting a track record for performance, you just can’t beat the price.

The hard drive is also backward compatible with SATA II interfaces. If you’re building a custom desktop or gaming rig, you’d want this on your side. Although this model is 500GB, you can get the hard drive in other storage variants as well, thus expanding on your options.


  • Extremely silent and a stunning powerhouse when it comes to performance
  • Offers transfer speeds of up to 6GB/s and clocks at 7200 RPM
  • 3.5-inch form factor and works best with gaming desktops
  • The data recovery plan is included with its firmware


  • It’s not designed to be used with laptops

If you want to get into professional gaming or work on creative projects, then the SeaGate Barracuda 500GB HDD is perfect.

Best Quietest Harddrive List 2020

1. Western Digital AV 500GB Hard Drive

The first thought that comes to mind when you get the Western Digital AV 500 GB hard drive is it’s quiet and smooth performance. It’s mostly designed for home surveillance systems and is installed in CCTV cameras.

The audio and video recording quality is exceptional, and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to producing low heat. It’s a very energy-efficient HDD, and although it’s designed for CCTVs and surveillance systems, you can use it in desktops and laptops as well.

What we like about this is how it can be used 24×7. A common concern in office spaces is security, and the Western Digital AV 500GB was built with that in mind. If you’re also looking for a reliable hard drive that produces low levels of noise, this is it.

You can use it outdoors and indoors due to its versatility and ease of installation.


  • Works with CCTVs, DVRs and Desktops
  • Silent, cool and smooth operations
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty included


  • The storage capacity could be expanded

2.Western Digital WD AV-GP 500GB HDD Hard Drive

When it comes to reliable video backup and storage, the Western Digital WD AV-GP 500GB HDD won’t let you down. This hard drive is super quiet, and you won’t hear a drop of noise when it’s running in your MacBook.

WD’s trademark Silk Stream technology is bundled with the hard drive, which is designed to optimize video playback and performance. You won’t be experiencing any frame losses, and WD even vouched for the fact that this proprietary technology lets you stream across 12 HD channels simultaneously. If that’s not value for money, then what is?

As for the RPM speed, it produces up to 7200 RPM, and although this hard drive is fast, it’s whisper quiet. The 1-year manufacturer’s warranty included with it makes it a reliable investment when it comes to meeting your productivity and office needs.

It’s extremely energy efficient and comes packaged as a “bare drive.” As for the speed, its SATA interface offers transfer rates of up to 3GB/s which is blazing fast. You can also install it on Windows 7 or older versions, and the drive also has up to 32MB of onboard cache.


  • Affordable, sturdy, and ultra-silent
  • Has up to 32MB Cache and features Siler Stream Technology
  • Easy to install and works with both Windows and Mac Operating systems


  • May take a while to boot initially and has a significant form factor

You can hook it up to your surveillance systems for recording footage 24X7 and use it in security cameras as well.

 3. WD Red 3.5 NAS 10TB Hard Drive

The WD Red 3.5 NAS 10TB Hard Drive has been highly rated by gamers and designers due to its stellar design and superior performance. This WD quiet Hard drive is integrated RAID technology, it never crashes or fails. The HDD is designed to be used with NAS devices and comes with NAWSWare 3.0 firmware. You can pair it with a total of 8 bays, and the storage capacity can be expanded since more platters can be added to it.

What’s notable about it is that it uses Helio Seal technology making it fundamentally different from what you usually see in the industry when it comes to quietest hard drives.

Helio Seal technology is known for providing robust and real-time performance when storing data and executing various processes. There’s no resistance when it comes to reading/writing data since the technology makes use of helium over the air, thus letting users add more platters to it later on when needed to expand on its existing storage capacity.

The spindle speed for this hard drive is 5400 RPM, and it expends less heat. If you’re in a workspace that requires handling of large volumes of data and fast backups, this will meet your expectations.


  • Has a workload rate of 180TB per year
  • Compatible with NAS home and office devices, also works 24×7
  • Includes a manufacturer’s warranty period of up to 3 years


  • Customer support is slow at responding to queries
  • A bit expensive
  • Comes enabled with Region-lock 


The WL 1000GSA6459 H SATA III 1 TB Hard Disk Drive is designed to handle heavy-duty loads and are designed to offer users superior read and write performance. The hard disk drive has a storage capacity of up to 1TB and features transfer rates of up to 6GBps.

Whether you are working from home or office, this quietest hard drive is known for its lower vibrations and low energy consumption.

If you’re looking for a reliable hard disk drive designed for backing up files and storing data, this will do the job well. Additionally, its spindle speed is 5900 RPM which means it doesn’t produce much heat. The caching capacity is set to 64MB, and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty also backs the hard disk drive for convenience.

What we like about this product is that it’s very solid and durable when you use it with CCTVs and DVRs. Thus, it’s not just limited to be used in laptops and desktops, making it a very versatile choice for storing video, audio, and backing up data.


  • Quick boot times
  • Low noise and superior performance
  • Solid design, reliable and durable
  • Compatible with 4-drive NAS systems, laptops, desktops, CCTVs, and DVRs


  • It’s a White Label (WL) HDD which means it’s not brand new but refurbished

5. Fantom 5TB External Hard Drive

Fantom drives don’t look just beautiful; they are meant for excellence. If you play on your Playstation 4 a lot in the office or simply want a versatile hard drive that’s quiet, fast, and very durable, you’d want to place your bets on this.

There are several storage options available, and the aluminum body makes it a sturdy hard drive. It also has a fanless design, and if you’re looking to record HD audio and video, it will do just that. The spindle speed is 7200 RPM which makes it a bit on the higher side, but it doesn’t compromise on its promise.

You won’t hear any noise stemming from this SSD when it’s spinning, and the 5TB storage capacity makes it ideal for playing movies, games and doing office work. It’s also good for working on the design and creative projects, and there are no lag or frame rate losses.

The icing on the cake is it houses SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports which have transfer speeds of up to 5GBps. That’s up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0! And you don’t need any power supply or giant adapters to use it since an innovative Bus design powers it.


  • One of the fastest hybrid external hard drives in the industry
  • Compact and portable
  • Easily formats PS4, PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim
  • Reliable, sturdy and durable aluminum body
  • The spindle speed of 7200RPM and high transfer rates of up to 5GBps


  • It’s mainly designed for the Sony PS4 

6. Fantom Drive 1TB External Hard Drive


Although labeled a hard drive, the Fantom drive has always been geared for gaming and high-performance. This one’s a compact and portable beast that installs easily into the latest Sony PlayStation 4 system. You can plug and play it on your MacBooks, and it is compatible with newer versions of the Mac OS like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, and High Sierra.

The external hard drive is rugged by design with its solid aluminum body, and the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty makes it a value for money. The aluminum body dissipates heat quickly when its disc is spinning, which makes it last much longer than its counterparts. You won’t witness any drops in speed or lags, and the fans are failure-proof.

If you’re a creative professional or enjoy multitasking in your office, this is a reliable hard drive for that. The host interface is an eSATA, and there are multiple connectivity options for transferring your files, thus giving you flexibility and versatility.

You can daisy-chain it via FireWire, and it’s bootable on all modern PCs and laptops. All the necessary FireWire and USB 3.0 cables are included with the hard drive as well when you buy it.


  • Durable aluminum body
  • Works with laptops, Macbooks and Sony PS4 gaming systems
  • Compact, portable, and noiseless
  • Includes all the required cables and components for seamless file transfers 


  • Some users report that the length of the cable is short, spanning merely 2 feet long 

How to choose the Quietest Hard Drive? It’s About The RPM

To know which hard drive is quietest, notice the RPM of the hard drive which stands for Revolutions per minute (RPM) and it indicates are the read and write speeds of your hard drive.

If you compare two hard drives – a 5400 RPM one versus a 7200 RPM, sure the 7200 RPM will win when it comes to speed. Although it’ll perform tasks faster and execute processes at blazing speeds, it’s going to wear out quickly. It fails when it comes to endurance. But a 5400 RPM might offer you slower transfer speeds; however, they will last longer.

Slower read/write speeds mean less spinning of the disk. And that also means they’re a lot more quieter.

Besides the spindle speed, there are other factors you want to consider when going shopping for quiet hard disks for your office: 

Storage Capacity – The storage capacity matters a lot. If you’re working with large volumes of data, you want to invest in a hard disk with a high storage capacity. A good start is anywhere between 500GB to 2TB depending on your needs. If you’re planning to use the hard disk 24×7 and in CCTV or surveillance systems for recording footage, you’d want to look for higher ranges.

Transfer Speed – The higher the RPM, the higher the transfer speed. Look for hard disks that give you a delicate balance of RPM and transfer speeds because if you go way too high, it will be consuming more power and not having a long shelf life 

Noise Levels – Fast-spinning drives produce a lot of noise, and that’s a known fact. Slower-spinning hard drives give you slower transfer speeds but lower noise levels. If you’re working in the office, a bit of sacrifice of transfer speed for noiseless performance is good in our books.

Look for lower noise ratings when searching for these hard disks.

Since we’re talking about silent hard drives which is what you’re here for anyway, we’ve taken the liberty to review some of the best ones in the industry.


Getting the quietest hard drive for your office will make your work not only productive but fun. When there’s no noise, you’ll have more mental space for enjoying tasks and online interactions. The models we reviewed here are fantastic options for those working from the office and produce minimal to no noise while giving you optimal storage. If you’re looking for the best experience and can afford to do it, we will always recommend you to try out SSDS. But since it’s office work and working with vast volumes of data, silent hard disk drives (HDDs) will be the way to go for now.

And lastly, don’t forget to format your hard disk after installing them. Make sure every section is formatted and run a test for any RUEs present. That way, you know they are in top-tier working conditions and can store data without experiencing any failures or losses.