Quietest Garbage disposals in the market 2020
quiet garbage disposal for your kitchen

7 Quietest Garbage Disposals 2020 – Buyers Guide

quiet garbage disposal for your kitchen

It’s the end of the day, the party is over and the kitchen is a mess. You’re done cleaning and the last thing you need to do is to turn on the monstrous garbage disposal which makes a terrifying rumble every time you turn it on! Sure it does a fine job chewing up all of your kitchen refuse but it gives you a splitting headache before you’re off to bed. What you need is a quiet garbage disposal.

There could be several reasons why you’d want to install a garbage disposal to the sink starting with them being environmentally friendly to make it easier to dispose of organic waste. Since all of them operate with a motor and spinning impellers, when running at full capacity they are nothing short of a big vibrator attached to your sink.

The noise gets worse if you have a sink made out of thin-walled stainless steel that tends to amplify the disposal’s vibrations like a megaphone.

Manufacturers have come up with ways to reduce noise and vibration so you won’t have to wake your kids, the dog and the neighbors at the end of your chores.

This article will talk all about what makes quiet garbage disposal and some of the best models out there in the market.

How quiet garbage disposals differ from normal disposal?

Quiet or not, all garbage disposal work more or less in the same way; there’s a high-speed motor that powers a set of impellers that force the kitchen refuse to shred on a set of cylindrically mounted stationary blades. This action liquefies everything that goes into it and the slurry is forced out of the drain pipe.

Any equipment that uses spinning motor and blades is bound to generate noise and vibration, the trick is to engineer models that reduce these vibrations and isolate them at different points so they don’t get transmitted to the surroundings. And yes, the more powerful the disposal, the more noise it can generate.

Here are the normal features on quiet garbage disposal:

Permanent Magnet or DC motor: DC motors, unlike the AC induction types, have smoother starts and stops and higher rotating speeds giving a quieter operation.

Soundproof Insulation: Quiet models come with internal moving components covered with foam or polymer vibration absorbent material that reduce noise. Rubber mounting components also isolate vibration and stop it from reaching the sink. Look for technologies such as “sound shield” or “Sound Seal”. These use specialized components that are meant to act as vibration dampening devices to stop sound from escaping or to reduce vibration frequencies from reaching resonance.

Noise Levels: The noise levels of all equipment are measured in a non-linear scale called decibels (dB). To understand the scale you need to know that a whisper is about 30 dB, a normal conversation is between 55 – 65 dB and a lawnmower is about 90 dB. Although not all manufacturers give you the exact number, an average garbage disposal can run at 80 db. In industrial standards, that comes very close to the 84 dB threshold where you would need to wear some ear protection to cut out some of the sound.

Best quietest garbage disposal in the market 2020

  1. Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal

Living in a house with five to seven people is just the place where you can expect to run into sizable amounts of kitchen waste on a daily basis. Weak garbage disposal in such a case just won’t cut it.

To begin with, the L-8000 is powerful at 1 horsepower it can grind most of the solid waste that you can throw at it. The power plant is a high-speed permanent magnet motor that runs at 2800 rpm to give all the speeded needed for the impeller to generate the cutting centrifugal force. A sharp stainless steel grind chamber makes quick work of all the kitchen refuse you feed into it.

Several noise reduction features are built into this disposal starting with the motor itself. The DC motor has a smooth start and high speed making it quiet from the beginning. So there are no jerky starts and stops that create any extra tumbling noises.

The motor sits in an insulated casing that further reduces any vibration. While the motor contributes to about a third of the noise, most of it comes from the impeller and the waste being flung around. A sound-deadening insulation lines the whole unit to absorb all of the noise and make it quieter.

Using it is a kind of a breeze as it is a continuous garbage disposal. All you need to do is have the tap water running and feed the waste incrementally. With its powerful motor grinding up all the waste quickly it’ll be a delight to finish your kitchen chores sooner.


  • Powerful permanent magnet motor
  • Soundproof insulation for the entire unite for silent operation
  • Easy to install
  • Non-corrosive stainless steel grinding chamber


  • Does not feature an external un-jamming mechanism

It is suitable for most houses with more than 4 people and considering the price we think it’s a bargain!

  1. InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Excel

Made by a company that is reputed for reliable kitchen products, the Evolution Excel is the quietest garbage disposal units we have on this review! InSinkErator specializes in noise reduction and has its own scale for grading noise. This model registers a 1/5 on the scale where the least is ultra-quiet and five is the standard garbage disposal.

The engineering behind its noiseless operation is what’s called the SoundSeal technology which reduces the noise to a quiet humming that you will barely hear unless you’re standing right next to the sink. Anti-vibration sink mount and vibration absorbent tailpipe further isolates vibrations coming off from the ground up waste to keep it quiet. So whether you’re disposing of food during the day or night, you can do it without a second thought.

What will also delight you about this disposal is that you don’t have to worry about the waste clogging up the grinding drum. Do you know that high-risk kitchen refuses such as corn husk, chicken bones, raw meat or other fibrous peels that people advise you not to throw into the disposal?

This machine has no problem grinding it up thanks to its 3 layer multi grinding technology. Its powerful 1hp motor drives a set of blades which progressively break down all waste without choking up the mechanism. The disposal is also a continuous feed type, so as long as you’re not trying to test the limits of its grinding capacity by shoving in more refuse, you won’t see it getting stuck at all.

In the rare event that it does get stuck, there’s a simple un jamming lever at the bottom to free it up.


  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Powerful 1hp motor
  • 3 stage grinding mechanism
  • Durable components


  • Some might find it a bit pricey for the features

This is suited for anyone looking for the best quietest garbage disposal for their big family.

  1. Badger 5 InSinkErator Garbage Disposal

The Badger 5 isn’t extraordinary in any way and yet it is one of the highest-selling quiet garbage disposal models out there in the market for ten years. There are a number of things the design of this disposal gets right. It isn’t too powerful but does the job decently and quietly.

It is easy to install, swap or upgrade and the best feature of all is it’s affordable by most average homes. The ½ hp motor that drives this disposal is based on an AC induction design which although is known for its jerky starts actually runs pretty silently.

Decades of engineering have gone into making a motor for Badger 5 which uses what’s called the DuraDrive technology. It’s a clever way the engineers have taken a low power motor and get it to run garbage disposal while keeping it low-noise and energy-efficient.

For a household with two people, this disposal does just fine chopping up most of the kitchen waste that’s generated throughout the day and dispose of it in about 10 minutes. While most other garbage disposals need more power to do the same job, the Badger does it with a patented blade technology with lesser power.

This model is also something you can install easily by yourself with just the basic tools. A unique “Quick-Lock” mechanism helps in hassle-free installation and removal so you don’t need a professional to come and do it for you.


  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Patented motor and blade technology
  • Easy to install and service
  • Highly affordable


  • May clog up with certain tough food waste

This one is the most basic design we would recommend for most simple households.

  1. Moen GX50C GX Series Compact Garbage Disposal 

The Moen GX50C is a strong contender to the last garbage disposal we spoke about. It performs nearly as well as the Badger series but is a whole lot quieter and smaller too.

Powered by a high-speed permanent magnet motor, the impellers can spin at 2600 RPM and quickly grind through all your organic kitchen waste. These types of motors as we have discussed before are quieter compared to induction motors.

Also when they start, they do so at full speed so the machine has fewer problems with clogging up. To further make it noise-free the disposal uses its SoundSHIELD technology which uses a series of insulation polymers that absorb most of the noise and vibrations. If what you are looking for is quieter garbage disposal for your small kitchen then this one is the perfect model for you.

As part of its design is an easy mounting feature that allows those who like to DIY to set it up and install it with simple tools. It comes with a 3 bolt universal mounting system which is commonly used with other disposal models as well.

If you know your way around some basic plumbing, the task is quite simple. Moen’s site offers all the info you will need to install it with simple instructions which can be followed by anyone. Finally, the first thing that will stand out is how good looking at the design of the disposal is!


  • Sturdy design that is suited for a small house
  • Quiet operation with soundproofing
  • Easy to install and service


  • The model is a bit heavy

This great-looking garbage disposal is a top contender in its class and we love its slick looks!

  1. BECBAS ELEMENT 7 Garbage Disposal

If a fancier model for your big kitchen is what you’re looking for then the Element 7 might be something you’d like. We find some innovative features and unorthodox material usage in this disposal quite interesting starting with the body of the grinding chamber.

A composite of glass fiber and Nylon outer body makes the appliance tough and lightweight at the same time. Combined with insulating foam it even offers excellent sound reduction property. It is powered by a high-speed permanent magnet DC motor so it’s needless to say they’ve worked extensively on noise reduction in the model. It is surprisingly quiet for a model that has a capacity of 1 horsepower.

The 2700 working RPM combined with the stainless steel drums laser-cut blades make quick work of any waste that you can throw at it including meat, bones and fibrous vegetable skin. The grinding plate is well-balanced to eliminate any stray vibrations during operation.

In the event that you do get carried away with how much you feed it and end up with a jammed drum, it’s easy to get it back up and running. All you need to do is clear away the clogged piece and hit the manual reset button to get the motor going. Adding extra smiles to your ownership of this disposal is also its easy installation.

Called the EZ mount system, the disposal snaps in to place with a simple twist and lock mechanism and stays put watertight without messing up the floor.


  • Well insulated for quiet operation
  • Powerful 1hp motor
  • Continuous feed system with easy reset


  • Some first-timers can find it a bit tricky to install

The element 7 is a quiet disposer with a lot of reliability. It’s suitable for most homes.

  1. KitchenAid Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal 

KitchenAid is a brand that’s popular for making robust, reliable and quiet appliances for nearly a century. Their premium quality construction and functionality are sure to keep them running for years.

The Superba garbage disposal is a continuous feed type of disposal suited for a house with three to five people. It runs on a 3/4th hp motor and uses a two-stage grinding system to smoothly pulverize kitchen waste. The top-selling feature of this model is the sound isolation which does use the Sound Seal technology which enables the disposal to run forty percent quieter than most conventional models. So while you’re finishing up your chores, you will barely hear the disposal the whole time that it runs.

It’s also quite simple to install and you only need some plumber’s putty or silicone glue to seal a few things in place and you’re good to go.


  • Very quiet operation
  • Built out of durable materials
  • Powerful two-stage liquefication of waste


  • Doesn’t come with an electric chord

This is definitely the model we would recommend to someone looking for long-term reliable garbage disposal.

  1. Goplus Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

Here is another strong contender for the top spot of the quietest garbage disposal on our list. Running at 50 dB it is so quiet that it’s easy to forget that it is even running! Suitable for a house with up to 7 people, the 1hp motor of the disposal can quickly churn up all the refuse that has accumulated throughout the day and everything does down the drain without a sound.

We also like the external ABS plastic construction which is incredibly tough and durable at the same time. It discourages bacterial growth and absorbs excess noise and vibrations that manage to escape out of the device.

The inlet comes with a splash guard that stops anything from being flung out during the grinding process and also acts as a safety feature for your fingers.

Coming to installation, it’s similar to other models that we have talked about and can be done with minimal plumbing experience.


  • Ultra-quiet garbage disposal
  • Durable materials
  • Powerful operation


  • The installation instructions are poor.

This should be on the top of your list if the quietest models are what you are going for.


With the reviews mentioned, you should have a fair idea by now about the type of quiet garbage disposal that is best suited to your kitchen. Remember that it’s always better to buy a slightly overpowered model than an underpowered one when you are in doubt or expect a little more refuse to handle than what the specifications offer.

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