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Best Quiet Performance Muffler in Market: Detailed Guide

We tend to laugh at people driving cars with hideous exhaust noise. What if one day your car starts making such noise while traveling with your peers? By the way, such new sounds coming from the exhaust should be immediately dealt with. You might even consider replacing your old exhaust muffler with a quiet performance muffler.

The importance of using Quiet Performance Muffler:

Quiet performance mufflers enhance your car’s performance as they absorb and dissipate noisy engine sounds and protects you from poisonous fumes while improving the exhaust system to maintain power efficiency. Always bear in mind that the internal components of your car’s muffler may deteriorate with prolong usage.

Secondly, Quiet mufflers reduce car noise as they can be harmful to ears too. Loud exhaust can even corrupt your judgments putting you and your passengers at risk while driving. Sometimes it may be irritating for onlookers and passersby on the road that they may end up cursing your vehicles’ exhaust.

In some states, quiet muffles are essentials for noise reduction of vehicles. Some places have strict restriction rules for loud mufflers and should be immediately dealt upon. Ultimately, you might need to look out for a good performance muffler with less noise for your car.

 Also, if you see a decrease in fuel efficiency besides the noise, it is high time you replace your car muffler. Not with a regular muffler, but with a quiet performance muffler. Here’s why?

Best quiet performance mufflers in the market

1) MBRP M1004A Universal Quiet Performance Muffler

This Quiet performance muffler is built to perform and comes with performance-based exhaust systems. It uses aluminized steel that is resistant to corrosion or rusting. It has high heat retention, which helps in maintaining the hot airflow.

The superior sound suppression makes it an ideal selection for construction and heavy work applications. You can immediately identify the drastic improvement in highway cruising car noises after using this muffler. It is well constructed and is quieter than earlier versions. This MBRP Quiet Tone Muffler will deliver a rumbling sound without obstructing the horsepower.

It is designed to enhance the exhaust airflow and reducing the temperature while improving fuel efficiency and the durability of your vehicle’s engine.

It offers a direct fit to the OEM parts and you will get the necessary clamps and spare parts required for the installation.

It eliminates your earlier high-pitch turbo noise or any drone sounds while providing the much-needed consistency in airflow that is in conjunction with superior noise suppression.

This Universal Muffler from MBRP is specifically designed to get your factory exhaust system replaced with while providing a quiet towing or hauling experience on the highways. Also, the aluminized steel finish provides more strength, ensures longevity, and is lightweight. 


  • Good design and a perfect fit for diesel trucks.
  • Highly durable and enhanced airflow.
  • Good noise absorption and available at affordable prices.


  • The aluminized steel finish is not aesthetically pleasing.

2) Vibrant 1142 3″ Ultra Quiet Muffler

The Vibrant 1142 3″ Ultra Quiet performance muffler is known for its high durability resonator that comes with a five years warranty. It is designed in such a way so as to dampen the excess noise and allow uninterrupted exhaust flow. Its body is made from stainless steel with a perforated core along with insulation materials for quiet operation.

Vibrant muffler is different from other normal resonators in such a way that it utilizes a much bigger sound absorption compartment that enhances sound suppression mechanism. The compartments are fitted with multiple layers of insulation medium to eliminate extra noise levels.

You will find that the interior hammering sound from the exhaust is reduced significantly after using this product.

This Vibrant Quiet Resonator is a premium quality product that drives maximum horsepower while delivering a quiet exhaust performance. It is a perfect fit for almost all natural and forced natural induction mechanisms for your vehicle.

The straight-through design of the resonator provides very less impact on its airflow, thereby ensuring optimum backpressure. Once you install this quiet performance muffler on your vehicle, the hammering or popping sound would be drastically reduced. The dense wire packing will make sure that it lasts for a long time as it also made from stainless steel. 


  • Gives a quiet performance at 88 dB on the highways.
  • Long-lasting material used.
  •  Reduced the noise level and a smooth exhaust sound at any rpm and speed. 


  • Little expensive for a single sound absorption chamber. 

3) Walker 21337 Quiet High Flow Muffler

This company is a world-leading producer of exhaust systems, and this high flow performance Muffler model has an all stainless steel premium look with advanced technology for optimal performance. The exterior stainless steel body makes it better rust-resistant than aluminium mufflers and thus extends its durability.

Apart from this, the inner layers and the outer cover lock seams are placed 180 degrees apart to make the product more durable. Another good thing is that the internal drainage mechanism prevents the accumulation of any acids between the partitions or chambers. While the internal partitions are made from durable materials for extra-long life and greater strength.

This high-end design makes it possible to eliminate unnecessary distortion to produce a quiet tone.

This product has been developed, keeping in mind the international emission control norms to provide high-end performance. The various parts and internal partition materials are designed to withstand any operational hurdles while delivering industry-best performance with structural integrity.

This stainless steel quiet performance Muffler is one of a kind with the most advanced exhaust system available in the market today. 


  • Highly durable and solidly built with premium quality.
  • Three times rust protection than ordinary mufflers.
  • Reduces noise drastically with a negligible effect on performance.


  • Slight difficulty in installation otherwise did a nice job!

4) Thrush 17631 Hush Muffler

If you are looking for a vintage sound with high performance, this is the type of quiet performance mufflers you should be looking for. The all-new Hush Muffler has an enhanced tri-flow exhaust system that drives performance.

It is an aluminium coated muffler a perfect fit for hot rod and sporty muscle cars to give you that thrust as well as maximum horsepower. It provides the classic sound quality that you all have been waiting for in your sports car.

The Thrush brand combines retro speed exhaust components and the latest technology to develop the most recognized product in the industry. This new muffler boasts of having a 14″ inch aluminum casing with fiberglass matting.

It also comes with airflow chambers specially designed to provide the best sound quality and flow. The flow chambers are even versatile enough and are reversible to enhanced applicability.

This new performance muffler has an improved Tri-flow design, unlike its competitors that enhance the cars’ horsepower and fuel efficiency.

The reversible flow chamber is another feature that adds more to this super turbo muffler’s performance. The brand retains the age-old consumer base when it comes to quiet performance exhaust systems.

Another good thing is it is compatible with multiple versions of naturally aspirated exhaust systems. The rust-free design, along with the idea of bringing out a design that cuts down weight and cost is simplicity at its best.

The design focuses on bringing out a product that drives its popularity among its fan-base based on value and versatility.


  • Very durable product with premium quality material.
  • Rust protection and enhanced airflow for maximum power.
  • Appealing price point with lesser weight and enhanced durability.


  • I would have preferred stainless steel built rather than aluminium finish for better looks. 

5) Dynomax 17748 Super Turbo Muffler

When it comes to best performance mufflers, this product from Dynomax makes things even better with all its advanced features. It has less backpressure compared to other brands which drastically improves rpm and speeds.

The large internal tubes make it possible for the backpressure to get reduced to its optimum level. Big thumbs up to the premium quality material for extra strength and longer life. Plus, the all-aluminized casing keeps your Turbo muffler against rust formation and provides a beautiful finish look. The patented airflow chambers channel the exhaust system into producing maximum performance.

It also comes with fibreglass matting for better insulation that helps produce a nice and sturdy tone. It absorbs unwanted resonance to maintain the performance tone.

This performance muffler will give you the best of performance while maintaining a quiet, mellow exhaust sound. By eliminating the unwanted noise through the insulating material, it helps to fasten the exhaust flow and reduce pressure for more horsepower.

This company produces high performance and premium exhaust products based on high-end engineering designs and quality sound control for an everlasting performance. This Super Turbo Muffler will meet your expectations and the one that will become a lifetime companion on your streets and highways. 


  • The design makes it reduce excessive noise.
  • It improves fuel efficiency besides offering excellent sound quality.
  • The aluminized steel makes it rust-proof and anti-corrosive.


  • I would have appreciated more if the size of the muffler was a bit smaller.

Types of Quiet Performance Mufflers

  • Reactive Types

In this type of Mufflers, hot exhaust air travels through various compartments with expansion and resonating chambers. The noise stopping plates reduce the sound pressure when the waves collide each other making way for a very quiet exhaust. This improved airflow increases torque while using less fuel. Many mufflers have an aluminum wall or double steel plated body. It helps in canceling air vibrations, decreasing the noise level, and producing a quiet performance muffler system.

These chambered mufflers are very common as they alter the sound waves by tuning its propagation. The sound waves keep bouncing and reflecting the various walls present inside the muffler. They cancel each other out till it produces the desired sound level and smooth exhaust tone. This sound-cancellation technology is widely used by manufacturers to create innovative chamber layouts to help create a variety of versions for specific applications.

  •  Absorptive Types

It uses an insulation medium that absorbs the sound pressure. The material is made from steel wool or fiberglass. It consists of a perforated tube inside a metallic housing aligned with the inlet and outlet of the exhaust system. It is more performance-oriented and has high fuel efficiency.

  •  Turbo Design

It is a combination of the earlier two exhaust systems. It consists of fewer chambers along with an insulation medium that absorbs sound waves resulting in a quieter high flow muffler. Thus, it offers less back pressure with enhances performance. Most of it has an S-bend flow type interior housing. It flows in a straight path for some time till it takes 180 degrees turn. The perforated tubes, along with sound-deadening materials, reduce the noise and result in a quieter muffler when compared to other types.

  •  Straight-Through Mufflers

In such a design, the exhaust system offers a straight path from the entry towards the exit. As such, there are no diversions and no restriction walls. As always, it comes with a sound-reducing insulating material to restrict the resonance levels. The design is simple yet offers no restriction and is more compact. It usually comes in bullet-shaped, or a canister shaped metallic body finish.

Essential Factors to consider while buying Quiet Performance Mufflers-

  •  Airflow and Durability 

Quiet performance mufflers enhance your car’s horsepower by increasing the airflow from the car’s engine. Such a condition makes it perfect for optimizing the car’s performance by decreasing the amount of fuel being burnt, thus increasing fuel efficiency. It is designed in such a way so as to improve the airflow while reducing back pressure from the car’s engine for higher durability.

  • Muffler Application 

Mufflers are designed with the intension of reducing the car’s exhaust noise while handling high-pressure airflow and increasing performance. The applications of mufflers are varied based on the user’s needs. It ranges from road-towing applications with heavy vehicles to passenger cars. Some of the widely accepted factors that are to be considered while buying a good muffler include corrosion-resistant materials, durability and strength of the material, noise reduction, engine performance, fuel efficiency, and a cost-effective price, which again depends on its application.

  • Packing and Durability

The sound-absorbing material is also a serious point that should be considered, as well. There are otherwise commonly known as packing material. It can be fiberglass, steel wool, or high-temperature suppressing materials. Some mufflers come with a single layer or multi-layer or dual-layer material. The more the layers in the packing, the higher is the durability of the exhaust system.

  • Material Strength

Mufflers are supposed to give you the fun while driving on the roads with the various sound variations available. Besides, enhancing fuel efficiency and torque performance, the focus should also be on the strength of the material and durability. The stainless steel or the aluminized steel materials are the popular ones when it comes to reliable solid performance on bad weather and to withstand harsh driving conditions.

Just like any catalytic converter that eliminates harmful gases from the vehicle, quiet performance mufflers have become a necessity to reduce harmful and annoying noises. Besides altering the noise levels drastically, it improves upon the engine life and gives a fresh new lease of life to it.