10 Quiet Mini Fridges for Bedroom, Travelling, Dorm - Full Quieting

10 Quiet Mini Fridges for Bedroom, Travelling, Dorm

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a quiet mini fridge to hold drinks and desserts in your personal little room as you work on a project or study in quiet solitude? Ideally, it would be perfect if your little refrigerator makes no noise unlike that big box in your kitchen which emits a steady “burr” from its compressor.

The same holds true if you have one at your office since refrigerators start and stop throughout the hour, you wouldn’t want a loud one to jump-start out of the blue and flood your conference call with white noise. Quiet mini-fridges are especially useful for new mothers who need to store breast milk in their baby nursery for quick access and not have to worry about the noise waking up the infant.

Manufacturers understand this need and have come up with some silent refrigeration technology to offer you models that will keep your items cool and ensure their presence goes unnoticed.

Top picks for Quiet Mini Fridge

1.AstroAI Quiet Mini Fridge 

When it comes to the quiet mini fridge models, few things come close to beating the thermoelectric coolers. The AstroAI basically works without pumps or compressors, and the only moving component inside is a brushless fan that barely registers 25 dB, so don’t be surprised if this mini fridge doesn’t sound like it’s working when it is on!

The model is a hit with the ladies due to its sophisticated aesthetics. Pure glossy white and a smooth finish with chamfered edges make mini-fridge pleasing to look at and delightful to use wherever you go.

When comes to functionality it works both as a heater and a cooler so not only can you use it to keep drinks, medicines or cosmetics cool but also use it to keep things warm with the flip of a switch. The four-litre capacity gives you plenty of room to store beverage cans or divide it into compartments to fit in smaller containers.


  • Ultra-quiet mini-fridge that runs at 25 dB
  • Works with both AC and DC power and a 12V cigarette lighter outlets
  • Versatile for use as either a cooler or heater
  • Portability and pleasing design


  • Not suitable for camping

We recommend this for use in baby nurseries, saloons and dorm rooms. It’s also perfect as a gift to the ladies!

2. SMAD 12V Mini Quiet Refrigerator 

When going for a higher capacity in mini-fridges that work at absolute-quiet levels, the absorption refrigerator types dominate the game.

The compact mini fridge by SMAD is just what you need if you don’t want a full-sized model but a mini-fridge that’s enough to keep basic items such as drinks, milk, fruits and other things. This absorption model has no moving parts; therefore, it practically makes no noise while operating. It’s perfect for your bedroom, office or dorm room.

At 1.4 cubic feet of storage space that’s divided into compartments, the model is very space-efficient. The mini-fridge is also great for camping or if you’re touring around in an RV as it comes with both AC and DC power inputs.


  • Ultra-quiet absorption-type mini fridge
  • Compact with a high capacity
  • Can be used everywhere including camping
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • The temperature control switch is a bit glitch

This is a general-purpose mini-fridge that anyone can buy to store more items. It’s especially good if you want an ultra-quiet model.

3. Cooluli Classic Quiet Portable Fridge – For Dressing Room

This one by Cooluli combines a classy look with quiet operation to bring you a silent mini-fridge that will complement the room’s décor or make a perfect little addition to your dressing room.

If you’re using organic creams or cosmetics that need to stored in the cold to improve shelf-life, this is one of the best mini fridge models out there in the market. Since it works on thermoelectric technology its noise level is very low  and below what you usually notice, so unless you are paying attention, you won’t hear it.

The mini fridge’s slick looks are complemented with the well-thought-out internal storage space. The 10-litre volume is conveniently divided into three compartments and a rack on the door to let you keep all your stuff.

The shelves are also removable in case you decide to use it to cool bigger bottles or store beer cans or other food and drinks. The model also goes from a fridge to a warmer with the flip of a switch.


  • Very quiet thermoelectric mini fridge model
  • Pleasing looks suitable for cosmetics storage
  • Effective cooling speed
  • A simple shift from cooling to warming
  • Works with both AC and DC power


  • The door gasket quality can be improved

We recommend this mini fridge for cosmetic storage and baby nurseries.

4.Midea Double Door Mini Fridge with Freezer 

Anybody watching a game with their buddies in their man cave would know that smaller models without a freezer compartment just won’t cut it. When you need higher cooling capacity, space and all the ice you can get but don’t want a big clumsy refrigerator taking up precious space then this one by Midea is just what you need to buy.

For better cooling, this mini fridge uses a compressor driven cooling circuit. But that shouldn’t be too much of a concern when it comes to noise as the whisper-quiet technology lowers the sound to less than 45 dB, so you’re all set whether you want to keep it in your bedroom or home bars or theatre.

The internal storage space is divided precisely like how the more prominent models do, so the only difference you would feel is a small size.

You can, however, store all that you want starting from beverage cans, large bottles, ice creams and anything else you wish to. Keeping versatility in mind, the mini-fridge also has adjustable legs so you can adapt it to the flooring.


  • Quiet compressor fridge that is less than 45 dB
  • Powerful cooling with freezing capacity
  • Separate doors for freezer and cooler
  • Optimal size


  • The temperature control switch needs improvement

This fridge can be purchased for any place starting from the basement to small kitchens.

5.TACKLIFE Compact Mini Fridge

If you’re looking for a model that’s in the sweet spot between the lower end of the mini-fridge and the upper end at the double door models, then this one by Tacklife is what you need to check out.

It is one of the smallest mini-fridges and yet manages to pack a little freezer compartment at the top corner just in case you need some ice or cool a drink down really fast. What is cooler about this mini fridge is the noise level, it so quiet you can barely hear it at 39 dB!

The box can comfortably fit on a countertop or inside a cabinet, so if you’re getting your room’s interiors done, you won’t have to put too much thought on where the mini-fridge would go. When it comes to looks, the fridge is unassuming but transitions smoothly into the surroundings, so it’s great for your basement or home theatre to store drinks.


  • Quiet operation and yet powerful performance
  • Mini fridge with freezer compartment
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Reversible door makes for easy fit


  • Overloading the fridge can make it louder
  • When it comes to balancing size and features, we think this one is nearly perfect!

6.Mini Fridge 15 Liter – Suitable for Picnics

Families going for picnics cannot take a big clumsy compressor fridge in a small car, but this one by kealive is designed perfectly for picnics and small families.

The thermoelectric cooler works both with AC and DC power so you can plug this to your car’s cigarette lighter socket and have it cool all the drinks you will need throughout the day. Since you won’t be taking it out the whole week, it can be used for the rest of the days in your bedroom or basement to cool any drink or store other things such as cosmetics.

The space inside is divided in half by a removable tray so the fridge can be used to store all kinds of items of the tray removed to store beer bottles or champagne.

This one’s another model is considered as the quietest mini fridge thanks to thermoelectric technology. The drinks inside can remain cool for a long time if the door is kept shut even when out in the open.


  • Ultra-quiet Mini fridge
  • It is perfect for camping and outdoor use
  • Features both cooling and warming functions


  • Cooling efficiency drops when kept in a confined space

We recommend this for camping, road-tripping and even baby nurseries!

7. Cooluli Concord Compact Refrigerator 

Cooluli kicks it up a few notches with this version of their mini cooler featuring touch button activated temperature controller and even a small LED display to show the real-time temperature. We can’t really think of primary use for this mini fridge as it is so versatile!

The precise temperature control on it means you can keep anything inside and rest assured it will stay at the required temperature and not spoil. So whether you’re a breastfeeding mom needing to store milk overnight or an all-natural-products enthusiast looking to store crèmes and lotions, this mini fridge fits your bill perfectly.

The mini-fridge manages to keep it quiet despite the higher cooling capacity thanks to its thermoelectric technology. The dual cooling fans cannot make any more noise than 30 dB so you won’t even hear it in the room. The design is also smooth and sleek, which is something you would come to enjoy as you use it over the months.


  • Quiet thermoelectric mini fridge
  • Touch controlled temperature settings with LED display
  • Spacious interior with racks and compartments


  • Temperature control influenced by ventilation in the space where it is kept

This is a great mini fridge for homes and saloons. It also works for the basement to store drinks and baby nurseries.

8. OMORC Mini Fridge

Here is another ultra quiet mini fridge that is portable with temperature display and dashing looks. Be it in your bedroom, minibar, garage, or your car, and this fridge goes wherever you go and keep things fresh for long.

The first feature that strikes you is the front control panel with the LED display and touch controls. It is quite intuitive to use and precisely sets the control of the box inside so you won’t have to struggle to set the temperature slider like in the manual models.

The capacity is 10 liters, so there’s ample storage space for you to store breast milk or your child’s drink any time of the day. The touch control also allows you to increase the temperature and use it to keep food warm.


  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Very light and portable
  • Fast cooling with touch controls


  • The fridge is sensitive to power fluctuations

We think this will make an excellent addition to your baby nursery.

9. Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Refrigerator 

Here is another quiet compact refrigerator from Midea which offers not just cooling but also ice! This is perfect for use in your garage or basement to always have cold drinks around while you work on a project or just chill out.

The design is quite straight forward; it is cubical and dark, which makes it blend in almost anywhere. It comes with adjustable legs so you can set it right wherever you may decide to keep it. The inside is like any other standard fridge.

There’s plenty of space to store bottle or even fruits and vegetables. The racks on the door can easily hold tin cans and even a big bottle of your favorite drink.

There’s a freezer on the top right corner which is temperature-controlled. So you can store frozen items or use it to make ice. When it comes to the noise, it does make a slight buzz as the fridge uses a compressor type cooling. However, it mostly remains within 40 dB so you won’t hear much.


  • Quiet and powerful operation
  • Cooler and freezer in one unit


  • Keeping it in a hot environment can make it louder

This mini-fridge is suitable for general purpose use.

10.Supernon Galanz Compact quiet Refrigerator 

When you need lower temperatures to store medicines or other items at consistently low temperatures, you would need a reliable mini-fridge to do the job for you. The Supernon by Galanz is a highly reliable mini fridge for use in home, offices and stores to keep things cool.

If you choose to only store your drinks, you will be surprised at how many tins of beer it can hold; let’s just say the game will end before your drinks do on the big night! A temperature controller on the freezer allows you to precisely control how cold you would want it in there so you won’t have to spend too much time defrosting it every two months.

Although the fridge uses a compressor cooling circuit, it only emits a faint hum as it works which is barely audible therefore noise isn’t any trouble whether you’re using it in your basement or your child’s room.


  • Quiet operation and powerful performance
  • Mechanical thermostat to set temperature


  • The thermostat is not very accurate

This one’s another general-purpose mini fridge that can be used anywhere from homes to offices.

How to identify the right quietest mini fridge as per you needs 

Here are the few things you need to keep in mind while looking for a quiet mini fridge:

  1. Noise Level

The noise level of any appliance is measured in decibels (dB) which is a logarithmic scale that gives a measure of loudness. As an example, a quiet library is 40 dB, and a normal conversation is between 55-65 dB. Anything above 70db is loud. A quiet mini fridge should ideally work below 40 dB.

  1. Fridge Type 

There are three types of mini fridge models with varying quietness levels, and they are all suited for different purposes.

  • Compressor Fridge: These models are similar to the big ones and use a system of coolant circulated through closed circuits for cooling. They can generate reliable cooling and is best for high capacity mini-fridges with freezer boxes. Since they use motors and compressors, they generate a small amount of noise.
  • Thermoelectric fridge: These types use semiconductors to generate a high-temperature difference between two surfaces. This also means they can be reversed and used as a heater. Thermoelectric fridges use a quiet fan and generate almost no audible noise. These models are perfect for baby nurseries, dorm rooms and offices.
  • Absorption fridge: These types work similar to a compressor model but instead use a heat source such as an electrical coil or hydrocarbon gas to drive the coolants in the cooling circuits. These fridge models are the quietest of all and are perfect for camping, offices or dorms where higher cooling is required.


Now that you know what each type of quiet mini fridge is capable of and how loud they are, the models above should be able to fit your bill. We’re confident this guide gives you all the info you need and help narrow that perfect model for you!