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10 Quiet Bed Frames for Peaceful Sleep

Quiet bed frames are designed to get rid of squeaks and noises which prevent you from having a good sleep in the late hours. If you are looking for noise free bed frame then note the material, weight, and size of the bed frame when you go shopping for one. But the biggest highlight to notice is – is it truly quiet? And also, don’t forget the non-slip feet, headboard, footboard, and warranty.

The good news is we’ve done the legwork for you. After carefully reviewing the materials and technology used to design bed frames that don’t squeak, we can tell you one thing – they are super silent. You can even sneak in quick siestas since they’re comfy too. That said, we’ll get into the reviews in a moment soon. But before that, let’s see what makes a bed really quiet, so you know what you’re getting before finalizing your purchase.

3 Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing Quiet Frame Bed?   

Take these factors into consideration before going shopping for quiet bed frames, and you’ll be good.

  1. Material – Bed frames are made from wood or metal. The type of material will decide the comfort and durability factor.
  2. Bed frames – Generally speaking, there are platform bed frames and box bed frames. Platform bed frames consist of a headboard and footboard. The rails are on the sides, and the mattress sits on top of the base. Box bed frames have a wooden design and are padded with a fabric. They’re softer and accompany a mattress as well. In terms of the pricing, box bed frames are more expensive since they are sold in sets – unlike platform bed frames where you have to buy the mattress separately.
  3. Size of the bedframe– This is also an important aspect. The size of the bed will determine your comfort factor and space.  King size beds are good for couples. You should consider the placement of the bed in your house before you buy because you don’t want to end up buying a bed that doesn’t fit.

Quiet bed frame recommendations:

1. ZIYOO COMASACH Quiet Bed Frame

For those who want to drift off into dreamland, the ZIYOO COMASACH Decorative Style Bed Frame is the perfect bedtime companion. This platform bed frame is easy to set up and includes headboard brackets in the box. What’s notable is how strong and sturdy the quiet bed frame is. It’s packaged in a heavy-duty box, and the paint is not prone to chipping on the frame.

This bed frame won’t squeak even if a 100 lbs person lies down and wiggles on it – that’s how well-built it is. Pair it with an excellent mattress, and you’re all set for your nightly adventures with your loved ones. It has rounded corners with a bit of recess on the legs so you won’t have to worry about stubbing your toe either.


  • A stable, sturdy, and reliable frame
  • Heavy-duty cross-square beams
  • Up to 15.5-inches of storage space below the bed


  • There are no edges or “tips” for holding the mattress in place

2.LUCID Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame 

It’s easy to assemble, holds enormous volumes of weight, and even pesky kids can’t break it. It’s that sturdy and if you want more good news – it’s foldable too. You don’t need a box spring when you get this.

When you get this all you have to do is unpack, unfold and install the bolts which are included with the box. You also get up to 13-inches of storage space below this quiet bed frame and the foundation is so strong that it can carry weights of up to 2000 lbs.

It’s definitely a good choice for a silent bed frame if you’re on the hunt for durability and sturdiness. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention – it’s designed so well that it won’t make any noises at all when you get on top of it.

Also, the legs come with plastic caps so that the bed doesn’t damage wooden floors. That’s a bonus and pure icing on the cake.


  • Holds various mattresses perfectly
  • Doesn’t squeak and can hold up to weights of 2000 lbs
  • Very sturdy and foldable on two sides
  • Included storage space spanning up to 13-inches below the bed frame


  • You have to assemble the frame since it doesn’t come pre-assembled manually

3.Zinus Callie Mattress Foundation  

The Zinus Callie SmartBase Mattress Foundation is designed for superior comfort and convenience. With stable and sturdy legs, the bed frame has multiple points of contact on the floor. Plastic cups are included, which prevents any scratches or wears on wooden floorings. The best part is that the frame is crafted using high-quality steel, and it measures up to 14-inches high.

You can also store your belongings in the under-bed storage space, which measures about 13-inches worth of clearance.  Plus, this platform bed frame can be stored anywhere in the house as it features a foldable design. And if that’s not enough, you won’t require any tools for its assembly since it takes merely a few minutes to set it up. That’s a win-win.


  • Sturdy steel frame with a 13-inch clearance for under-bed storage
  • No tools needed for assembly
  • Includes additional nuts and bolts in the packaging
  • Comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Does not include SmartBase Headboard brackets with it
  • Does not come with mattress grippers

4. Olee Sleep 14-inch Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame 

If you’re looking for a strong and sturdy quiet bed frame that keeps up with tough times, then this one won’t let you down. You can plop up your memory foam mattresses and go wild with your partner during nights. This bed won’t creak, budge nor make one little squeak.

The bedframe is well-designed, and the assembly time is minimal. The mattress will also not be prone to slipping off its edges the way it’s crafted. You don’t need any box springs for the mattress, and it won’t sag either.

All the assembly tools and supplies are included in the packaging by the manufacturer. There are hard plastic caps beneath the legs, and the frame sits nicely on hard floors.

Additional under bed storage space is also there and that measures up to 13-inches of clearance. That’s more than enough to store your belongings, luggage or anything else you can think of! It can also carry heavyweights of up to 600 lbs as some users have reported it to be extremely sturdy. Also, it doesn’t make any noise and doesn’t wobble or wiggle around.


  • Amazing customer service
  • Features nice mattress stats with good spacing
  • Solid, sturdy, and quiet
  • Is backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • The frame pieces don’t have clear labels on them so you’ll have to look at the instruction manual to figure them out

5.Homdock 14-inch Metal Platform Bedframe

Looking for a solid foundation? The Homdock 14-inch Metal Platform Bedframe won’t disappoint you. With up to six legs that offer stability and a capacity to bear large weights, this is a solid quiet bed frame for those who crave blissful nights of silence. You can use different mattresses on this since it features a recessed design and there’s tons of under bed storage space to boot.

If you’ve got extra stuff lying around the house, you can tuck them in the right beneath it. The bed stats are 1.2-inches lower than the edges, which means your mattresses won’t be prone to slipping.  Four of the bed legs also include holes in their design so that you can attach your headboard and footboard, in case you want to.

Parents with special needs children have found this bed frame to be comfy and long-lasting, considering their hectic lifestyle. So you know for sure that it’s designed to be tough and not prone to tearing down.


  • Simple but sophisticated design
  • Completely noiseless and doesn’t squeak
  • Can safely bear weights of up to 3000 lbs
  • No box spring needed and includes under-bed storage space


  • Does not include a mattress and instruction manual is a bit difficult to follow along

6.PrimaSleep 18-inch Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame

PrimaSleep 18-inch Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame is a strong foundation for anyone who wants a peaceful night’s rest. It is made from heavy-duty steel and doesn’t move around, which means you won’t hear any squeaking noise coming out of this bed frame.

You can plop your foam mattresses on this, and you’ll find that you get up to 15 1/4″ clearance for under-bed storage on carpeted floors. There are no squeaky wood stats in this, and the sturdy steel frame can support bulky deluxe mattresses too besides the foam ones.  The 18-inch profile is enough space for couples who have fun times during the night when it comes to room for movement.

The assembly process is simple, and it comes with all the supplies needed. You can follow the instruction guide without any problems and the bolts set into the nuts easy. This bed frame can b complemented with a king size comforter for the ultimate bliss.


  • Easy to assemble and simple instruction guide
  • The 18-inch profile gives enough room for movement
  • Underbed storage space enough
  • Heavy-duty steel frame that is sturdy and doesn’t squeak


  • Some users who bought this report that the spacing of the gaps between the mattress stats could be improved

7. Best Price Mattress Heavy Duty Steel Full Bed Frame 

Best Price Mattress Heavy Duty Steel Full Bed Frame is designed to withstand tons of movement and heavy people. It can support weights of up to 600 lbs, and this is a highly recommended bedframe for couples who are sexually very active. Nobody likes a bedframe that makes lots of noises, and this one fits the bill.

You can plop your deluxe, memory foam and regular mattresses on this. The design is modern but straightforward, and it offers a 17-inch vertical clearance for storing all your essentials. What we love about this is the 5-year manufacturer’s warranty period. The customer service team is very supportive, so if you run into any problems, they will respond immediately.

You can attach a headboard to this by getting a pair of universal headboard brackets which are sold separately. For extra comfort, don’t forget to add a layer of plywood for placing the mattress on top.


  • Heavy-duty, durable and long-lasting steel bed frame
  • Doesn’t wiggle, squeak or make any noises
  • Noise-free construction and very sturdy
  • Can be folded for more accessible storage and is easy to assemble
  • Sufficient under-bed storage space included and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty also backs it


  • The knee-height of the bed frame could be improved since that doesn’t go well with confined spaces

8. HAAGEEP 18-inch Steel Full Silent Bed Frame 

If you’re looking for a lightweight, durable and silent frame to use for getting your night’s sleep, then this one won’t disappoint. It is easy to set up and offers plenty of storage space underneath it. It’s one of the sturdiest frames you’ll come across because of its heavy-duty steel construction, and it’s ideal for kids who jump around a lot.

The frame gives a beautiful enclosure so that your mattress doesn’t slip or fall off. The black matte finish provides the design with an excellent sophisticated look. Also, this bed frame is backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you get the total value for money.

If you add a layer of plywood measuring about 80 inches by 60 inches, you reduce the noise to virtually zero. You don’t need box springs for setting the mattress, and no tools are required for assembling it.  There’s also ample storage space beneath the bed frame to store away whatever you want.

Would we recommend this for couples with kids? Yes.


  • Firm, comfortable and sturdy
  • Legs provide stability and support
  • Ample under-bed storage space
  • Zero noise levels
  • Has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • We couldn’t think of any cons, but some users have wished the bedframe would’ve come with an extra rail for added support

9. Simlife Metal Quiet bed frame for children

Quiet bed frames are cool, but you know what’s cooler? When they are designed for toddlers and kids in the house. We understand children tend to be feisty and run around a lot. This bed frame does a good job of taking care of them.

If you’re looking for a bed frame that’s literally quake-proof and not prone to destruction, this would be the one you’d want.  It features a complete set that includes a headboard, footboard, a set of rails, and mattress stats. The spacing between the stats is adequate, and the mattress holds up firmly when you place it on the frame. You won’t experience any squeaking or noise when you lie down on this bed frame.

Besides this, we love the instruction guide included with the set that lets you assemble it in minutes. All the parts and steps are clearly labelled. In terms of durability, this bed frame will last you for a very long time since it’s made from heavy-duty steel slabs.


  • Simple, clean, and modern design
  • An elegant bed frame designed for kids and very sturdy
  • Noiseless and has under-bed storage space of up to 12.7-inches


  • It’s not a platform bed frame by design though since it’s meant for kids

10. 14-Inch Twin Bed Frame Metal Platform Bed

Looking for a noise-free bed frame that meets your expectations? Meet this platform one and get ready to be surprised. It has non-slip pads that don’t scratch the floor for the legs and can bear loads of up to 3500 lbs. You don’t require any box springs and can assemble it in minutes.

If you’re worried about running out of storage space, then you’ll be glad to know that it offers a 14-inch clearance.  The frame is ideal for heavy people who have mobility issues and doesn’t bend one bit.   It sits on the ground nicely and fits most spaces without any issues.


  • Stable base with a firm foundation
  • Designed with steel slabs and very sturdy
  • Noiseless and ideal for those with mobility problems
  • Can support weights of up to 3500 lbs


  • It doesn’t have a foldable design

We hope you enjoyed our review of the top quiet bed frames. Before you buy, it is always a good idea to have a word with the manufacturer about the headboards and footboards.