Quiet Attic Fan Guide 2020 for Beginners
quiet attic exhaust fan

Best Quiet Attic Fan 2020: Buyer’s Guide

quiet attic exhaust fan

It is summer; the house air conditioner is running at full and you go upstairs to pick something up from the attic. The door flings open and it’s so hot that you can bake a cake in there! How did the attic become so hot?

It is a basic heat flow. Hot air rises up and cold air sinks so most of the heat generated in the house flows upward through the floors and ventilation as hot air and accumulates in the attic. If you don’t have a fan to set up a current through this system the hot air stays in the attic throughout the day.

This is where attic fans come in handy, they blow hot air through the roof or the side when mounted on a gable and keep the attic cool. Attic fans also greatly improve the performance of your air conditioner or HVAC in general.

Like all fans go, general attic fans will have noise and vibrations that get transferred to the walls and floor and generate a humming or buzzing sound throughout. To avoid this, what you need is a quiet attic fan that is engineered to operate with the least possible noise and vibration.

To pick the quietest attic fan look for these features:

  • Quiet Motors

DC permanent magnet motors have a smooth start and stop features making them inherently quieter compared to AC induction motors. The best kind of motors is a brushless motor (similar to your computer box fan) that produces no noise at all. To identify this look for ECM (Electronically commutated motor) technology in the attic fan.

  • Impeller (fan blades)

Impeller blades make a huge difference to the noise. Generally the faster the fan speed the more noise it makes, therefore, choose a fan with lower speed and bigger diameter or more number of blades. Fans with bigger or more number of blades don’t need to spin as fast. For example, an attic fan with 6 blades is a lot quieter than a fan with four blades at the same flow rate (CFM).

  • Direct or Belt drive

Belt driven fans are quieter than direct-drive fans as they tend to dampen sound more and run at lower speeds.

  • Noise levels 

Measured in decibels (dB) this number gives you an actual indicator of noise. The ticking of a watch is 20 dB, a quiet library is 40 dB and a normal conversation is between 55 to 65 dB. Choose fans that are lower than these values for quiet operation.

Best Quiet Attic Fan 2020

  1. AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S8, Quiet Speed Controller 

The Cloudline S8 is a highly versatile duct fan system suitable for a lot of different applications from building ventilation to indoor hydroponic growing setups. The first thought straight out the box is how sophisticated this quiet attic fan looks starting from its slender form to the controls used to set speed and smart functions. Both ends of the duct can be connected to tubing of any size with the appropriately sized coupler and fastened securely with a hose clamp that comes with the fan.

So whether you are hooking it up to the attic ventilation ducts or airflow vents for a growing set up, setting it up is quick especially if you’re using standardized duct tubing.

Being an EC-fan it features a motor that is noiseless by default. Coupled with a multi-blade highly efficient impeller the fan is absolutely noiseless at 39 dB. So even when you are in the room you will not hear the sound of the fan running and the only way to check is to stick your hand directly over the vent!

When it comes to functioning the fan has features that are sure to impress you. It is controlled by a temperature sensor that you can set to any number that you wish and the fan turns on and off to regulate the heat in the control space. So when installed in your attic, you can set the fan to turn on and create a draft to cool the whole space down.


  • Extremely quiet at 39 dB
  • Pleasing looks and easy to set up
  • Smart controls for automatic functioning


  • Cleaning the fan is a little tricky because of the internal mounting screws

The fan is perfect for any medium sized attics and grow-rooms.

  1. Broan 353 Gable Mount Quiet Attic Exhaust Fan

With a big house and a large attic come proportionately big cooling needs. The Broan 353 is designed as a gable mounted fan for attics or garage spaces that does a fine job of keeping the air within any hot-space well circulated.

At 16 inches in total diameter, the quietest attic exhaust fan with a 14-inch blade which generates over 1020 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow. This means it can completely recycle the air in spaces exceeding 1630 square feet multiple times easily in an hour. So if you have a large attic with a lot of things stuffed in it, you have a problem at your hands with all those things storing up the heat.

To quickly cool down the attic you need a strong air current and this fan does a great job of generating it.

Coming to the quietness of the attic fan, thanks to its large blades, it won’t have to spin at a very high speed to generate a strong flow. The blades are also quite well-balanced so there’s no noise generated by vibration that gets transmitted to the walls.

The motor itself is permanently lubricated running on sintered bearing keeping it quiet all the time. When mounted with some rubber dampening pads, it can eliminate the rest of the vibrations it creates. So compared to all fans in its category it is one of the quietest you can get your hands on.

Mounting the fan isn’t challenging either. If you have some basic equipment, you can get it done in under an hour without professional help.


  • High flow rate suitable for big attics
  • Quiet fan with sound dampening
  • Highly durable


  • The blades need to be cleaned periodically to keep it quiet

We recommend this fan for large attic spaces as a simple heat flow solution.

  1. QuietCool QC CL-1500 Original Classic Fan Model 


Unless the heat is searing during the summer shooting over a hundred degrees you don’t need an air conditioner to have fresh air inside the house. If you’re lucky enough to have some green and cool in your suburban home then all you need is a ventilation system that sets up an air current that draws cool air from the surroundings into your home.

The quiet cool QC CL-1500 does just that to keep the air in your whole house smelling as fresh as outside and removing all the stale odors. Basically, it uses a patented design which is a redesign of the whole house fan that is ultra-quiet and super-efficient, to begin with. The unit is composed of an attic fan at one end of an insulated flexible duct running through the house and opening into the ceiling of your bedroom or your living room.

Once turned on it works like a giant vacuum that sucks up all hot air from the rooms replacing it with cooler air drawn from the outside through the windows. The unit features extensive sound dampening materials that take away all noise and vibration for ultra-quiet operation at a noise level of only 37 dB!

Although when you look at it, it’s hard to imagine it being as quiet as the company claims, it’s quiet operation isn’t just hot air, it is fact. The ceiling intake baffle blends in perfectly with the surrounding so it’s hardly noticeable.


  • Extremely quiet fan system working at 37 dB
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Concealed design


  • Installation takes work and is best done by a professional contractor

Its simplicity and energy-efficient design have taken over the market. It’s great for general home use.

  1. TerraBloom ECMF-200, Quiet 8″ Inline Duct Fan 

Another highly versatile attic fan on our list is the ultra-quiet ducted fan design by TerraBloom. Simple design, quiet operation, efficient performance and high reliability are the hallmarks of this one. Suitable for use as an attic fan, or ventilator for rooms and indoor gardens, this fan features 710 CFM of flow rate is plenty of air for any small to the medium-sized attic.

The unit has a snug fit with eight-inch ventilation ducting and comes with hose clamps for a secure fit. All you need to do is connect it to the ventilation duct on one end and the air filter on the other and you’re good to go.

The ducted fan is powered by an EC motor with rotating magnets and a stationary coil. The system can run at high speeds and produce practically no audible noise. The multi-blade impeller sits inside the duct and works with the motor to generate a powerful suction to start the flow.

Since the impeller is enclosed inside a duct the noise from the tip of the blades due to turbulence is completely eliminated making it ultra-quiet. The fan runs on a variable speed setting and generates noise levels between 38 to 62 dB operating from low to full power.

Installation and operation are a breeze plus the fan is controlled with a variator switch therefore there’s little chance of glitches that are often associated with smart-controlled fans. This is a model you need to buy if precise control of the fan every minute is not something that you want.


  • Ultra-quiet operation ranging from 38 to 62 dB
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Moisture and waterproof with an IPX4 rating
  • Highly durable


  • There are some reported cases of mismatches with the connector plugs

The TerraBloom ECMF-200 is an inexpensive, high-performance fan that’s suitable for multiple uses. Go for it if a quiet function is more useful to you than a higher flow rate.

  1. Remington Solar Attic Fan, Solar 30 Watt Solar-Powered 

Well, quiet attic fans are great for keeping your house cool without causing any noise, wouldn’t it be better if they run totally free of cost?? The Remington Solar attic fan runs completely on the power of the sun all day and puts no strain on your HVAC system or electricity bills. Set it up on your rooftop and it sits there generating a powerful 1550 CFM flow rate out of the attic sucking away all the hot air and keeping the house cool.

The design is quite compact; the solar panel and the fan mount is a single unit so everything stays in one place, all you need to do is set it up there and forget about it!

Since it goes on the roof, the fan is engineered to be super-quiet. The blades are made out of PVC plastic to be vibration-free and powered by a brushless DC which is practically noiseless. Combined together with vibration dampers this fan’s noise is almost inaudible unless you’re standing directly under it.

The motor is 30 watts so it has plenty of power to keep even spaces as big as 1,800 sq ft well ventilated.

You would need a professional to get it installed on your rooftop as it requires quite a bit of work to set it up and make it watertight. It’s also important to note that the unit only works when there is a decent amount of sunlight.

If you want it to run in the night you will need a hybrid adapter to connect to the mains. The adapter automatically turns it on and off at dawn and dusk respectively.

This one is a perfect solution for the energy-conscious. Not only will it save you money but it is also greener.


  • Solar-powered fan saves electricity
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • High flow rate which can handle large attic spaces


  • It needs a special adapter to plug into the mains to function in the night

These are our top 5 picks for the best attic fans that are suited for different environments and attic spaces. Now that you know how the different models function, you should be able to choose one that works well for your setting.

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