Best Quietest Mouse 2020: Silent Mouse for Gaming
quietest gaming mouse

Best Quietest Mouse Guide 2020: Silent Gaming Mouse

quietest gaming mouse

If you’ve ever lived in a dorm with a roommate who is an avid gamer that stays up all night playing multiplayer online games, the incessant “tic-tic-tic” from his mouse would drive you crazy and make you wish for a quiet mouse. The same goes for partners of people who work from home staying up late into the night clicking their sleep away. While people who are on the mouse won’t realize it as much, those around them can get really annoyed by a loud old-fashioned mouse.

Unless you start observing it, mouse clicks and the ripping sounds of the scroll wheel are something you would miss on a regular basis but that won’t stop them from adding to the ambient noise in a work environment or the home. Silent gaming mouse designs lately use updated technology to reduce the noise from clicks or eliminate them altogether.

Sound absorbing materials can make all the difference to an annoying loud mouse and one that’s comfortable to use and barely audible. In this article, we’ll talk all about what makes a mouse quietest and how you can choose one for both office work and gaming.

Important Parameters of Quiet and Silent Mouse

  • Quiet Performance build

A combination of factors makes for a silent mouse and they include the build material, switch types and noise dampening features. The left and right buttons of the mouse are the loudest parts of it and quiet mice use rubber initiators instead of plastic ones to cut out the click sounds.

The gliding feet of the mouse also adds to the smoothness or friction that causes a ‘’burring’’ sound. Soft plastics are often used instead of rubber for the gliding feet. Finally, the hollow space inside the mouse is filled with sound dampening fins that further avoid a sound amplifying effect

  • Wired/ Wireless 

Wired mice are the typical ones you’ve always had; they are fast, responsive, lighter and cheaper compared to the wireless mouse. A wireless mouse, on the other hand, offers range and flexibility that a wired mouse never can. It can also be used more freely without getting tangled up in the wires.

However, some people are of the opinion that wireless mouse is a tad bit slower although modern wireless mice almost match performance with their wired counterparts. They also need to be charged or run on a battery. Ultimately it’s your personal choice.

  • Sensitivity

Sensitivity relates to how responsive your mouse is to the movements and is roughly related to the DPI (Dots Per inch). It gives a measure of how far the cursor will move on the screen when you move your mouse on the pad.

Adjustable DPI is always better and more so if the range is higher (say between 500 to 2500 DPI) for a wide range of applications. This will allow you to set it to move as per the requirement of your game or that program you are using.

  • Grip

Grip and size can affect your usage to a large extent. Higher-end models also offer you interchangeable side panels for a better grip for different gaming conditions. Make sure the size isn’t too big or too small for your hands as both can tire your palms.

Best Quietest Mouse in the Market 2020

  1. Scettar Wireless Rechargeable Quiet Gaming Mouse

Scoring full points on looks, this wireless mouse by Scettar is built with every gamer in mind. The first thing that appeals to you is its dazzling colors softly emanating through its form changing shades randomly to give you a new feel every time.

Gaming feels a lot cooler and brings it to life in a way an ordinary mouse cannot. The clicks on both sides are soundless so you can go all out in your shooter games without having to worry about disturbing anyone around.

Its size makes it perfect in your hands and makes it possible to play for long hours without strain or fatigue to your hands and wrists. What’s cooler is the mouse is ambidextrous so anybody can use it regardless of which hand they are dominant in.

The Quiet mouse features an inbuilt battery that can be recharged and run for months so you won’t have to worry about changing batteries. This also makes it lighter compared to models with swappable batteries. There are power-saving features that put it to sleep after 8 minutes of inactivity so that’s a plus.

When it comes to gaming, the mouse works as intended; It has a range of 30 ft so you can sit comfortably on your couch or use it anywhere you’re comfortable. With three DPI settings, you can vary the sensitivity as per the response requirements of any game.


  • Wireless mouse with an inbuilt rechargeable battery
  • Attractive design with shifting LED lights
  • Quiet performance on clicking and scrolling


  • The battery cannot be replaced after cycle life

This works very well as a gaming mouse so we would recommend it for all.

  1. VicTsing Pioneer Bluetooth Quietest Mouse 

People’s hands vary in size and not everybody can comfortably grab a big mouse, especially women. VicTsing understands that and has come up with a petite mouse just for the people out there that would prefer a smaller form factor for comfort.

This quiet wireless mouse can connect up to three devices including MacBook, Windows and Android so no matter what you are working with, it can handle it really well. All you need to do is use a simple button underneath and it switches from one device to another. So if you are with a desktop, laptop, and a smart device, the mouse can control all three at the flick of a button!

The design of this quietest mouse incorporates features that cut down noise by 90% from most general mice allowing you to work anytime anywhere. The clicks are quiet, the feature buttons barely make any audible sound and the small form factor of the mouse doesn’t allow any leftover sound to magnify. You would also like that the mouse is super-easy to carry, toss it in your bag on your way to work or even carry it in your pocket if you wish to walk free!


  • Petite mouse suitable for those with small hands
  • Wireless with 36 months battery life
  • Wide connectivity


  • Takes a bit longer to come out of sleep mode

We highly recommend this for anyone looking for a small mouse for office purposes.

  1. VicTsing Wireless Silent Gaming Mouse

One look at this mouse by VicTsing and you can tell it is built for gaming. It is all black with sharp looks and a firm grip for long hours of intense gaming. The clicks are quiet along with the feature buttons on the sides so whether you’re gaming late at night or sitting in a library or a café chilling out online, you won’t have to worry about disturbing anyone.

There are four sensitivity levels you can choose from so you can change it from games to office work or switch sensitivity for different games without losing fast responses on the screen. Its looks are enhanced by the blue LED lights which give a glow from the inside.

The light is controllable with a switch on the bottom so you can turn it off if it’s not needed. The rest of the features are standard such as long battery life up to 12 months on a charge and power-saving idle feature for short term use.


  • Budget wireless mouse
  • Good range and battery life
  • Good looks with inbuilt LED light


  • No companion software to reprogram the buttons

We recommend this for anyone looking for a low budget gaming mouse that’s quiet with good features.

  1. VicTsing Wireless Mouse, 2.4 G Click 

Made primarily as an office mouse, this one by VicTsing is one of the most highly rated mice for its reliability, the pleasure of use and quiet functioning. Its medium-sized form factor makes it comfortable enough for everyone while still being small enough to be carried in a bag or even the pocket!

Its ergonomics are centered on general-purpose with a black matte finish that is great for gripping and offering a professional look suited for any office. Like with most of their other models the mouse is designed to be quiet with low noise buttons and scroll and a body that dampens away any extra sounds.

When it comes to practicality the mouse is tuned to just the right sensitivity for office work so whether you are giving a presentation or engaged in routine work, the cursor moves exactly how much it needs to without being jerky. It runs on a single AA battery which works for 12 months thanks to its efficient and power-saving features.

The wireless connection goes up to 15m so you can sit at a distance and control any device in places such as boardrooms and meetings.


  • Purpose-built mouse for office use
  • Quiet operation
  • 15m wireless range
  • Removable battery


  • It is a little glitchy on a few surfaces

We recommend this mostly for general office use and not for gaming.

  1. Emopeak Silent Wireless Mouse, E2Pro-Max

Most office mouse features a minimalistic design and sober form factors that keep them from standing out on the work station, not this one! Built for those of you whole like to add a little quirky character to the desk, the E2Pro features a rugged scaly look that may not be for everybody’s taste.

However, if you’re an avid gamer you would definitely love to have a mouse that drops in a bit of “cool” into your well-organized space. Not only do the scales add looks to the mouse but they also give superior, anti-slip grip unmatched by most office mice. These features combined with quiet switches make it a fantastic mouse for office use.

The mouse also takes it up a notch over other models by offering features such as variable DPI that you set for different tasks or interactive software. It could be the best silent mouse as it also features six silent buttons for additional features to ease the task at hand. Running on 2xAAA batteries you get plenty of life on the mouse for all your tasks at work.


  • Silent mouse for use at office or home
  • Slick scaly design for looks and extra grip
  • Wireless with removable batteries
  • Adjustable sensitivity


  • Some models are known to have a few glitches in the connection

We recommend this mouse mostly for office work and not gaming.

  1. Logitech M330 Silent Wireless Mouse

The Logitech M330 features a classic mouse design with a few tweaks to the form to make it more comfortable. It’s a simple wireless mouse with two buttons and one scroll wheel made specifically for right-handed users.

The high quality of plastic and rubber that makes up the mouse are also noise resistant and make the mouse close to 90% quieter than most models. The extended left bottom features a good grip for your thumb to rest comfortably and work for long hours without discomfort or slipping. The mouse is also of medium size and can be used by anyone at a good comfort level.

It runs on one AA sized battery and works for 24 months when running on a long-life alkaline battery. It also has power-saving features so you won’t have to worry about it running out of juice too soon. A tiny LED light visible on the top lets you know when the mouse is on or off. The DPI levels are also adjustable so you can set it to any of the three default sensitivity.


  • High-quality quiet mouse
  • Simple design with ergonomic grip
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Auto sleep battery saver feature


  • Simple mouse with not too many features for the price

This is a great mouse for home and office but not suitable for hard-core gaming.

  1. Macally Silent Mouse- Slim & Compact USB 

The Macally features a wired no-nonsense mouse design that is as sober as it gets when it comes to mouse form. Perfectly suited for office and home use this is an upgrade over typical mouse found on the market. The buttons are quiet and make clicks that are barely audible and then scroll is smooth and silent.

It is medium-sized, slim and elegant suitable for all people in general. Since it is wired there’s no hassle with batteries or lag in performance and the mouse never goes to sleep, unlike the wireless models, so it is always on. Apart from the three usual controls, there’s a quiet button behind the wheel for DPI setting with which you can choose between four settings to alter the mouse sensitivity.

Of the several advantages this mouse has is that the connection is hassle-free in both windows and Mac. So there are no wireless compatibility issues and it’s instant plug and play. The mouse is also ambidextrous so it can be used by all whether left or right-handed.

Surprisingly, being a wired mouse it does have a slight bit of advantage as you can use it to play some of the games and not all. So it’s great for use both at home and at work.


  • Simple design that is easy to use
  • The wired mouse does not require batteries
  • Quick polling and sensitivity
  • Can be used everywhere


  • Lacks additional features

This mouse is perfect for use at offices and for playing simpler games.

  1. RATEL 2.4G Wireless Silent Mouse Optical 

The Ratel wireless mouse is medium-sized and mostly meant for offices and homes. If you are looking for a reliable wireless mouse with plenty of extra features then this is the one! The mouse design isn’t too simple but is surprisingly ergonomic.

Grip ridges on both sides offer excellent support for long hour usage and the mouse can be positioned in any orientation without the drag that comes with a wired model of the same size. The symmetry is ambidextrous so it doesn’t matter if you are right or left hand dominant, you can manipulate it with both.

The build materials along with quiet keys offer 90% noise reduction so it’s a great mouse to use when you’re pulling all-nighters at home with the family fast sleep!

The mouse is compatible with all the newest operating systems so whether you’re using Windows or Mac, it works well with both. You also get a 10m range with this mouse, so carry it to meetings and presentations to control devices form your seat without having to get up.


  • Medium-sized Mouse suitable for all
  • Quiet mouse with 90% sound reduction
  • Works on all computers
  • Wireless with long battery life


  • Sensitive to accidental drops

This mouse is great for office use for long hours.


Whether you want one for gaming or for office work this list here has some of the quietest mouse you can find on the market. While some of them are simple and well-suited for purpose, the others have customization features that you can find a lot of uses for. We’re confident that with the understanding you gained from this article you can pick just the right mouse you need!

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