Best Quiet Fans for Office, Sleeping and Home 2020
Quiet fan for noise free living

10 Best Quiet Fans for Office, Sleeping, and Home

Quiet fan for noise free living

It’s a hot summer’s night, and you keep waking up every hour to the heat and wishing for a quiet fan that does not make a loud buzzing noise, unlike the current fan that has been in your house for over a decade! While we don’t pay much attention to a fan until it gets hot during the summers, the good news is fan technology has been refined to the point where they are almost inaudible. Quiet Fans now use better materials, blade types, and structural designs that specifically reduce noise while improving efficiency.

Although ceiling fans are common in most houses, you would have noticed how noisy they can get and end up re-circulating the existing hot air in the room without much cooling over time.

The ideal solution in such a case is to get quiet fans with directional airflow such as table fans, pedestal fans or tower fans. These fan types are not only great for cool air circulation but also work quietly so you can sit comfortably anywhere in the living room or ensure that your baby doesn’t miss out on his sleep and get cranky in the middle of the night. In this review, we will walk you through the different types of quiet fans there are and how you can choose one.

Types of Quiet Fans to choose from

Here are all the fans that fall under the quiet category:

  1. Pedestal Fan: Like the name suggests the motor and blades are mounted on a pedestal with a broad base. The height and the tilt of the fan can be adjusted for your needs, and the controls are on the pedestal. Pedestal fans are the most powerful of all the quiet fans.
  2. Tower Fan: Tower fans employ a different way of blowing where an impeller spins inside a vertical tube at high speed to generate airflow. Tower fans are space-saving designs and are preferred for their attractive looks.
  3. Table Fans: Table fans are similar to pedestal fans, except they have a shorter base allowing them to be kept on a table. They come in a wide variety of blade sizes and designs.
  4. Window/Exhaust Fans: These fans are designed to sit on the window or a breach in the wall to blow cool air inside the house or to blow hot air outside.
  5. Bladeless Fans: A relatively new technology, these fans have no visible spinning blades on the outside. They do however suck air from one side and blow it out the other.

Best Quiet Fans available in 2020

1.Honeywell QuietSet Quiet Tower Fan for Office

Designed to complement the décor of the modern home, the Honeywell QuietSet HYF290B is a surprisingly powerful fan despite its slender appearance. You get eight-speed choices that allow you to control the breeze and noise levels making it perfect for both the living room and the bedroom.

Even running at full speed, this quiet fan measures about 48 decibels at a distance of 10 ft making it a wonderful addition wherever you need some silent cooling and breeze.

The fan features a top-mounted control panel with soft-touch buttons and a backlight that can be manually controlled, so not only will this fan put a smile on your face on a hot day but it is a delight to operate. It is quite intuitive to use, and even your child can operate it without too much fuss. Besides that, it is totally safe as the impeller is securely housed within the tower.

The tower design is not only good looking but also a super space saver in small living rooms! You can set it up wherever you desire and turn on the oscillation, so there’s air circulation throughout the room. Weighing at 6.8 pounds, it surprisingly lightweight so moving it around isn’t a hassle.


  • Quiet operation makes it suitable for all places
  • Tower design saves space making it ideal for small rooms
  • Smart operating features with remote control


  • Not ideal for large living rooms

We recommend this as an extra fan along with the AC in a living room and bedrooms.

2.PELONIS Ultra Quiet Fan

If you thought pedestal fans could be loud, this model would prove you wrong! The PELONIS FS40-19PRD is specially designed for sleeping and usage with infants.

It is so quiet even at full speed that the fan is 8 decibels softer than normal conversation! It is specifically engineered with well-balanced blades, smooth motor, and vibration dampening base to bring down all vibration noise to zero while the only thing you would head is the sound of the breeze at 38 dB.

This quiet fan for office fan is also very versatile as you can place in front of a window to draw in cool air from outside and circulate it in the room to keep it fresh. It is also easy to aim at any place in your living room as the mount can turn 85 degrees from one side to the other and tilt for about 24 degrees.

To add to the cool features, it comes with a remote control so that when you wake up in the night, you won’t have to walk all the way to the fan to change the settings. You can change speed or activate the oscillation from the comfort of your bed. Its DC motor is also very efficient and consumes less power while giving reliable service.


  • Highly adjustable pedestal fan
  • Ultra-quiet operation at 38 dB
  • Can be controlled with a remote


  • It takes a little bit of effort to move it around

This fan is suitable for use everywhere!

3.Rowenta VU2531 Turbo Quiet Table Fan 

There are places where a pedestal or a ceiling fan just won’t cut it. That’s when you bring in a table fan to beat the heat or draw in some fresh air. The Rowenta VU2531 is powerful and quiet table fan, capable of giving up to 1685 cubic feet of air every minute. So whether you set it up on your work table at the office or home, it has plenty of power to keep the whole room fresh.

The blades are well-engineered out of a vibration absorbent plastic and finely balanced to eliminate any unbalanced vibrations even at high speeds. Coupled with a sturdy mount with dampening pads in the bottom, the whole fan works super-quietly with noise levels ranging between 38 to 55 dB, so even when you are sleeping the fan makes no more noise than the ambient room.

A built-in handle allows you to lift it without straining your forearms and place it wherever you please. When placed next to the window, it can draw fresh air from the outside and keep your room cool. It comes with four speeds and oscillation feature, so that’s everything you need in a table fan!


  • Super quiet operation with noise levels reaching a maximum of 55 dB
  • Easy to carry around
  • Excellent build quality and durability


  • Clogged up dust can increase vibration

We recommend this for use in offices and small rooms.

4.Lasko 3300 20″ Wind Machine

There are times when you’ll need portability in your quiet, and nothing comes close to beating a pivot head fan in power and directionality. The Lasko 3300 can pivot 180 degrees to air a current anywhere you need in the room, the office, or wherever it is that you might want to use them.

One surprising reason people love this fan is the pleasant and soft whirring white noise that induces sleep without the annoying humming of the motor! Set it up on your table, and you would fall asleep like a baby in no time on a hot summer day.

Campers also love the fan as it is super-portable and you can carry it in your truck or RV and hook it up to the power supply and place it on the ground. Also, as photographers would swear by it, these fans are perfect for recreating windy conditions in photoshoots, when a bigger fan isn’t available or not too much wind, is needed.

As it combines the directionality and power of a table fan and unmatched portability, its usage is only limited by your imagination. The fan is also built with superior grade materials that last long and absorb vibrations to keep it quiet.


  • The fan is highly portable
  • It is lightweight and can be placed anywhere
  • Possible to pivot the air stream in any direction


  • The plastic is a bit brittle and cannot take rough handling

We recommend it for small rooms, camping, and niche applications.

5.Vornado 630 Quiet Room Fan 

When looking for a pivoting fan for your room, if you want something more souped-up, then the Vornado 630 could just be what you are looking for. Although it resembles a pivot and a table fan, it has the advantages of both and specifically engineered to give the maximum flow rate.

Its highly pitched blades are encased inside an aerodynamic duct which cuts out tip vortex drag problems that all propellers and fans have. The result is a highly focused stream or “vortex” of breeze that shoots to a distance of 70 ft! It also reduces component noise and works quietly.

The fan is suited for offices and baby nurseries in tandem with air conditioners for the best air circulation in any given space. You can also place it on a table next to the window to draw in cool air from outside and circulate in rooms and offices. It has a three-speed control switch on the side to set it to a speed you are comfortable with.

Like all the other pivot models, this fan also has a very soothing white noise that’s perfect for a nap. Turn it on, and you won’t have to bother with the footsteps of your kids or the clicking of your dog’s nail on the floor as he walks by!


  • Highly directional breeze
  • Quiet and efficient operation


  • Dust accumulated on motor and fan can slow it down

We recommend this for small rooms and offices.

6.AmazonBasics Digital Oscillating 3 Speed Tower

When it comes to the quiet tower fan for home out there in the market, a worthy contender is the AmazonBasics Digital Tower Fan. Keeping up with the rest of its counterparts, the fan features everything you need in a great tower fan: quiet operation, powerful blowing, speed and oscillation options, and remote control.

Designed with a round base with vibration-absorbing pads, the fan can be kept on any surface and still work quietly without any unwanted noise.

It weighs only 8.8 pounds so can be lifted effortlessly by anyone to reposition it anywhere in the room. If you need more fresh air, all you have to do is place it by the window and turn on the oscillation feature to create a proper flow in the room.

The controls are intuitive, and you get a remote along with the model so you can continue watching your movie on the couch and change the blowing modes without having to get up and walk over to it.


  • Highly compact tower fan suitable for houses and offices
  • Highly durable and maintenance-free
  • The very quiet operation even at full speed


  • The impeller is difficult to reach and clean unlike traditional fans

We recommend this for small rooms and offices with limited space or any space in tandem with an air conditioner to create more flow.

7.AmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade Fan 

Pedestal fans are great, and they are powerful, quiet and versatile, AmazonBasics just made them better! Known as the Quietest Fan for sleeping comes with a dual blade, takes power and efficiency to a whole new level. The co-axially mounted blades have different diameters and boost each other’s performance by filling in the gaps of the other.

The result is you have an amazingly powerful breeze that travels for a longer distance without compromising on the noise levels. You could turn in on the whole night, sleep peacefully and hear the birds chirping in the morning, and it is that quiet!

Since the fan’s reach is high, you won’t have to use it at full power every time; therefore it comes with 24-speed settings so you can set it to work for sleep, general air circulation, or to blow in fresh air from your garden. It also comes with a remote, so you rarely have to go near the fan to operate it or change settings.

Cleaning and maintaining the blades is easy as it takes little effort to disassemble the parts and dust them off. The fan is also surprisingly light at 11.8 pounds so you can move it around effortlessly.


  • Dual blade fan with powerful blowing technology
  • Can be operated with a remote control
  • Quiet operation


  • The change in speeds between 8 and 9 is quite high

We recommend this fan for large living rooms, offices and even outdoors such as balconies and backyard.

8.GreenTech Environmental PureFlow

You have probably heard of the bladeless fan technology, and yes, these things do lack any visible blade that blows air out. However, they do have internal concealed impellers that when combined with the clever design of the fan can force air to flow through their ducts and even generate powerful currents.

While it mostly seems like magic, it’s just clever physics, and for the end-users, an absolute joy as these fans are so quiet they are barely audible unless you are standing directly in the path of the breeze! At its lowest speed, they’re quieter than a ticking watch at 10 dB and at the highest speed, they are quieter than a whisper at 30 dB.

The GreenTech Environmental PureFlow QT7 is powerful and feature-rich desktop fan while being incredibly futuristic in looks and design. They also best used with the room air conditioners as they do a pretty good job of circulating the air throughout.

You can place this on your nightstand of the table in the office to give a steady flow of cool breeze, and you won’t even realize that it is on.


  • Extremely quiet ranging between 10 dB to 30 dB
  • Futuristic slick design
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Powerful breeze


  • Sensitive to power loads.

We recommend this fan for air-conditioned rooms and offices as a complementary cooling device.

9.Noctua NF-A12x25 Premium Quiet Fan

The one thing that avid gamers or cryptocurrency miners will need are radiators to take away all the heat their set up puts out and a critical component of those systems are the fans that circulate large amounts of air. If you are a tech nerd, you’d know exactly what we’re talking about, and hence we’ve put this fan on the list!

While some use table fans for the task, the turbulence can interrupt with the heat conduction and end up creating uneven hotspots. There’s nothing like a dedicated set up to generate smooth airflow over the heat sinks and components.

The Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM is an incredibly well-balanced fan that’s optimized for the best cooling performance with both the fan design and the materials.

The impeller material has excellent dampening properties to cut out the sounds while the precision bearing and mount are anti-vibration to cut down the noise levels to 22.6 dB, which is almost inaudible! The fan can be used effectively with water-cooled radiators or air-cooled heat sinks or just as a standalone fan for the PC case.


  • Premium quality build that is highly durable
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Works perfectly even in hot and dusty environments
  • Lightweight and efficient


  • It only comes in one color!

We recommend this for gaming or cryptocoin mining rigs.

10.Bionaire Window Fan with Twin Reversible

For a more sophisticated way to circulate air into your room, try the Bionaire Window Fan. All you need is a small window or opening in the wall of your room, and you can install this cooling fan to maintain freshness all day. While they are similar to exhaust fans, the latter doesn’t set up an airflow loop for fresh air.

The Bionaire Window Fan quiet fan for room and office can draw in air from the outside or blow out hot air from the inside or even have a counter flow to circulate air in simultaneously and out.

Since the window fan uses two separate blades, it reduces noise and vibration while not compromising on the total performance. The exact reading for temperatures and airflow can be set with a small LED display indicating the parameters. If you’ve mounted it higher up, it can be operated with remote control. The motors are also water-resistant; therefore the fan is rated to work safely during rain or if you live on the coastal side in high humidity.


  • Tranquil operation
  • Fans with the reversible flow and independent flow control
  • Adjustable mount frame
  • Remote control


  • It is sensitive to electrical load fluctuations and bathrooms in humid cities.

We recommend this for small rooms.


When it comes to quiet fans, our list above is comprehensive. At this point, we believe you have a good grasp of what each design has to offer and where they can be used best. Whether it’s your home or your office, if you have all your parameters listed out, there is a fan on this list that will tick most, if not all, of the boxes!

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